Continuing the efforts to keep those vital funds rolling in, Willow Wood has a very full diary of fundraising events and campaigns planned to run throughout the year. 

These range from ‘afternoon teas’ to Skydiving, and from the Bubble Rush to the Butterfly Release and many other equally diverse events along the way.

One easy way to support the work of the Hospice is to have a loose change box at home, or one of our charity collecting cans at work.  Last month the Treasury released the amazing statistic that 60% of all copper coins (the one and two pence pieces) are only used in one transaction before leaving the cash cycle.  Astonishingly, it is believed that 8% of coppers are thrown in the bin!

Willow Wood could make good use of these coins, and we’d be very grateful if your business could place a collecting can on your counter, for customers to pop their change in.  Contact Rachel on 0161 330 7788 or rachel.kelley@willowwood.info and she’ll get one to you. A volunteer will then collect and receipt the donations at regular intervals.

If you’d rather have one at home, Rachel can organise a cardboard loose change box for your dressing table or sideboard.

We’d be very grateful for this support.