Writing your will is one of those things that we all know is important, but is something many of us put off doing. 

Willow Wood’s Wills Week will run from Monday 21 to Saturday 26 May, and we’re hoping that by offering you the opportunity to make a donation to your local Hospice rather than paying a fee many of you will put your affairs in order.

Elaine McConnell explains: “It’s very simple.  We have a number of participating solicitors who will generously waive their fee during that week. Instead you make a donation to Willow Wood so by securing your family’s future you are helping Willow Wood continue to care.”

Having an up-to-date will can give you great peace of mind. Without a will the law decides who gets what, and so your property and valued possessions may not automatically go to your loved ones.  For example, if you are separated but not divorced your spouse would still inherit; current partners would not automatically receive any benefit.  You may have always intended your grandfather’s watch to go to a specific family member but again, if this is not documented, it may not happen.

Making your will and helping Willow Wood at the same time is, as Elaine says “As easy as 1, 2 3!  First of all, choose one of our participating solicitors and make an appointment – not forgetting to mention Wills Week.  Then, discuss your requirements with the solicitor who will draft your will in line with your wishes.  And thirdly, make your donation to Willow Wood.  We’re suggesting a minimum donation of £85 for a single will.”

And if you’d like to leave us a gift in your will to help us continue to care for our community, we would be very grateful.  Please, however, do not feel under any obligation to do so, you will already have our sincere thanks.

Full details of the participating solicitors can be found by going to www.willowwood.info

Alternatively, contact Elaine on 0161 330 7788 or elaine.mcconnell@willowwood.info and she’ll send out an information leaflet.