There’s no doubt that people of all ages who volunteer, provide their time and efforts for a wide variety of reasons. For some its pure altruism, others for social contact, personal interests, and emotional needs. But whichever the reason the primary motivation is that volunteers want to help others.

The Helping Hand Charity shop based in Hyde, offers a variety of opportunities for volunteering. There you will be helping a lot of people whilst also gaining new skills, meeting new people and having the satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference.

If you would like to work in a relaxed and friendly shop along with other volunteer friends, then The Helping Hand Methodist Church Charity Shop could be the answer!

They are open from10am to 4pm Monday to Saturday. And there’s Free Tea & Coffee, (bring your own biscuits).

The shop offers a relaxed, friendly social work place, where what you do makes a difference. They’ll provide all the training you may need and there are no performance targets

The Charity is committed to providing donated goods at the lowest price possible to those most in need from our communities. In fact the average cost of every item sold since January 2013, has been only £1.31!

If you are interested in offering a Helping Hand, please contact: Harvey Beeley. Mobile: 07841-614646

You can also e-mail: harveybeeley0101@gmail.com or just call in for a chat with one of the volunteers.

You can find The Helping Hand Charity Shop, 57 Market Street, Hyde. SK14 2AB