The good news is that Scout Groups all over Tameside will be starting up again in September following their many summer camps and events held both locally and abroad, in which many of our young people have taken part.

The bad news is when these young enthusiastic groups start back, many of the over 40 Scout Groups in our region will be short of the Leaders and Adult Supporters needed to bring continuously great Scouting to over 2000 members throughout Tameside.

The situation is so desperate that two long established Scout groups in Ashton may be closing soon due to the shortage of Adults; – they being the 12th Ashton Scouts who meet at RSCC on the sports complex on Richmond Street on Fridays and 2nd Ashton Scouts who meet at WEMCCC at Trafalgar Square on Mondays unless some more adults are found.

Giving up your time to help others can be rewarding. A recent study on Volunteering has shown most Volunteers have made new friends, felt their wellbeing getting better by helping others, stopped their loneliness, helped in their skills, looks good on your CV to an employer.

In scouting, many adults are needed besides the actual Leaders; each section, Beavers 6 to 8years, Cubs 8 to10.5, Scouts 10.5 to14, and Explorers 14to18, all need Leaders and Assistant Leaders who are fully trained, but they also need volunteers to be Sectional Assistants which just help out for a couple of hours a week.

Are you one of the people Scouting desperately needs? Whether you’re a college student, unemployed job seeker, a parent, an older person, a person with health or disability issues, full-time worker or simply taking some time off to explore different options – Scouting as got the perfect volunteering experience for you!

If you think you could help Scouting in any little way, like The Worshipful The Civic Mayor of Tameside, Cllr Denise Ward has said, she will support Scouting or if you would like to be a Leader, please contact alan.fish@ntscouts.org.uk or Tel: 07931765120 or go to www.gmescouts.org.uk/join or for a list of roles, click on: https://www.actiontogether.org.uk/volunteer/organisation-opportunities/100534