Learning to paint in watercolour has changed the lives of many adults across the borough, as art can be hugely therapeutic through creative expression.

If you have ever wanted to paint in watercolour but didn’t know where to start; consider yourself a beginner in need of guidance, well, the watercolour class at The People’s Gallery, in Stalybridge may be just what you are looking for.

All you need is a few tubes of paint, brushes and paper, and once you’ve gained a basic understanding of drawing, you will soon be on the way to confidently tackling your chosen subjects what can be a difficult and frustrating medium.

This beginners course at The Peoples’ Gallery in Stalybridge is held in a friendly, easy-going studio, and is designed to accommodate small relaxed classes of around 6-8 students who all receive maximum attention.

The course gives a broad approach to painting with watercolours which students find informative and inspirational, with individual attention designed to teach the students how to gain the maximum enjoyment of art alongside the guidance to gain those technical skills needed to enhance their art.



Learning to paint in watercolour is the starting point for many aspiring artists.

There’s no doubt, when an artist has control of watercolour, the results can be quite surprising as it’s one of the most rewarding and accessible mediums to work in.

Watercolour is a lovely medium, but to get the most out of it you need some ‘know how’ and this is what is passed-on in these classes. Students are shown how to paint in watercolour using demonstrations, step-by-step and individual help, and cover a variety of subjects.


Watercolour Classes are on Thursday mornings from 10.00am till 12.00pm, cost £12 per lesson payable on the day, or book a 5 week course and get a 20% discount (£48.00 instead of £60.00)

To book your place, please email: roger@localcommunitymatters.com or book directly with The Peoples’ Gallery on: Tel: 0161 338 3888

The Peoples’ Gallery, 2 Melbourne Street, Stalybridge, Cheshire.