This year’s Tame Valley Swimming Gala took place this weekend at Copley Baths Stalybridge. Four groups battled it out for supremacy.

Beavers, Cubs and scouts from 2nd Stalybridge, 5th Stalybridge, 2nd Dukinfield and 5th/7th Dukinfield took part a variety of water activities and races. The activities included walking backwards, duck pushing, and cork scrabble for non-swimmers and breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle.

Medals were awarded to the winners of the activities and races, while trophies were awarded to the winning teams.

After 33 races the winners of the Beaver Section were Beavers from 5th Stalybridge, 2nd were 5th/7th Dukinfield and 3rd were 2nd Stalybridge. The winners of the Scout Section were the 5th Stalybridge, 2nd were 5th/7th Dukinfield and 3rd were the 2nd Dukinfield.

Meanwhile, in the Cubs Section races and activities it ended in a three-way tie between 5th Stalybridge, 2nd Stalybridge and 5th/7th Dukinfield. After discussion between the Leaders it was decided to share the trophy equally between them all for 4 months each.

Chris Durrant, the District Chair, said it was a great event, which was well supported by over 90 young people. Steve Farral, the ADC Cubs said it was a fantastic event and had never known such a closely contested competition.

Susanne Meadowcroft , the Beavers ADC, said it was a fab evening. Daniel, an Explorer Scout, said it had been good to get everyone together to met and to have such an enjoyable time.

The Greater Manchester International Service Team (IST) helped by doing the marshalling and adjudicating for the competition. Chleo, from the IST, said it was great to see the youngsters having such a great time, while Nic said it was great fun even if they did get very wet while judging.

The District Commissioner, Arnold Ellershaw, thanked Graeme Stafford for organising the competition, the staff of Copley for their help and especially the young people for the great way they competed and enjoyed the whole competition.

If you would like to help young people enjoy active and rewarding Scouting please contact Alan Fish at: alan.fish@ntscout.org.uk