Ask any untrained person, who, faced with a pencil and a blank sheet of paper; being asked to interview a person then write an interesting newspaper article, they’d probably tell you that it was challenging at best, almost impossible at worst!

But for the budding young journalists who contribute and produce Hyde Community College’s in-house Newspaper, they say they thoroughly enjoy doing it!

The ‘News Girls’ from Hyde Community College; recently interviewed their new head of year 8, Mr Jones… and this is their story…

‘Recently the newspaper had the chance to interview, Mr Jones (the head of year 8) we asked him 8 questions that we are sure the students of Hyde are dying to know…

The first question was, “what made you come to Hyde in the first place?” and his answers were quite true: he had heard good things about the school and that the students here are all lovely-which is certainly true! He also said that the staff was great too and added that the school building was beautiful.

The next question was “what was the best part of the job?”

Mr Jones exclaimed that the fact that he gets to see all the students every day and help them out when they need it is heart-warming.

Another was, “what qualities he had to have for the job?” When answering this he told us that it felt like this was his job interview all over again. Sir told the newspaper that he needed many qualities to become what he is today, such as, sense of humour, great patience and empathy.

Chloe and I believe this is very true.

When asking him what he would be if not a head of year his answer was quite different to what we expected it to be: a pirate or up front for Liverpool. But a dream is a dream!

The final questions were, “Do you have any regrets with the choosing of this job?” Mr Jones replied, with a definite “NO!”

Overall the interview was a success and just as we were about to end it, we offered him a chance to ask us a question and he said, “What is your favourite biscuit?” We told him ours and he told us, “shortbread; you can have it in all situations!”

Speaking on behalf of the school, Kaitlyn Carroll, said “Reporting and writing news stories is a practical task that allows the students to hone their creative writing, engage in subject research, advance their communication skills, and teaches them how to apply those lessons to real life situations.”

NB: As Editor of Local Community Matters, I wish Hyde Community College’s young reporters every success and invite them to submit any of their school event stories to me for consideration of publishing them online.