After a heavily talked about TV show named the Staffordshire Bull Terrier as the UK’s favourite dog breed, White Cross Vets in Hyde has revealed how they have actually been hugely popular for more than a decade, a trend that had largely gone unnoticed until the programme aired.

ITV’s Britain’s Favourite Dogs, which was hosted by Ben Fogle and Sara Cox, polled 10,000 Brits to create a ranking of the top 100 dog breeds in the UK. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier, often referred to as the Staffie, came out top, followed by the Cockapoo in second place and the Labrador Retriever in third.

Figures from White Cross Vets confirms that Staffie puppies are one of the most common breeds the veterinary group has seen across its 19 practices in the last 12 months, along with French Bull Dogs. However, White Cross Vets also sees more Staffies than any other breed, aged over 10 years old, suggesting they were equally as popular a decade ago.

Mike Robinson from White Cross Vets in Hyde, said: “In the past Staffies have had a mixed reputation due to them being part of the Pit bull family, which led to accusations that they are an aggressive breed. However, although they might react when provoked, in the right hands they are generally extremely friendly and loving dogs. Anyone who owns one knows what fantastic pets they are and it’s great to see them being portrayed in such a positive light by this programme.

“The reality is that their popularity is nothing new. We have more Staffies, aged 10 and over, registered across our 19 practices than any other breed and we’d expect to see them continuing to grow in popularity now they’ve found TV fame. We’re delighted that after years of being the underdog, they’re finally managing to shake off their poor reputation.”

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