Volleyball may seem to be a relatively modern team game, but in actual fact the game was created by William G. Morgan back in 1895. His design of the game was simply to use a net and a ball, but today volleyball; at professional level has developed into a high-performance team game, with the first Volleyball World Championships held in 1949 for men and 1952 for women.

From those humble beginnings, Volleyball has grown to be one of the world’s most popular participation sports and is played by more than 800 million people at least once a week.

That’s why the game is so popular with children and teachers who know that team-building activities like volleyball are fun, constructive ways to help members of young school sports teams get to know each other, build trust and learn to work together.

That theory was ably demonstrated by the 7 local teams that competed in the Hyde School Sports Volleyball competition last night at Hyde Community College.

40 children found themselves diving and sprinting around the hall in the name of the game trying to keep the ball alive.

Kay Hawke, speaking on behalf of Hyde’s primary school cluster said, “There were many close call matches and some wonderful rallying plays – even though volleyball is not too often taught in schools at this age group, the young players showed lots of commitment and passion.

After many really close games, huge congratulations must go to Oakfield Primary School who turned out worthy winners on the evening.

All the games and on-court proceedings were ably assisted and refereed by Sports Leaders of Hyde Community College, who deserve a really big thank you.”

More information and pictures can be found on @hydesports twitter account, the home for Hyde School Sports Competitions.

The next competition will be the Year 3/4 Multi-Skills competition on Tuesday 4th December.