Over 75 Cub Scouts from Droyslden and Ashton took part in CubFest 2019 at the Droylsden Junior Football Club, Lewis Road.

Cub Scouts came from all 8 Cub Packs in North Tameside District. Activities included a Climbing Wall, Hoopla, TYZ Football, Bouncy Castle, Archery, Face Painting and Tug of War.

There was also a wildlife talk given by Tabatha from “From the Wild”. She showed the Cubs Giant African Snails, Hissing Cockroaches (these grow to about 2” long), 2 types of Scorpions, a Red Kneed Tarantula, a 12-foot-long Yellow Burmese Python and a Barn Owl.

The feedback included comments like: –

‘Had a ball, looking forward to Cubfest 2020, I’ll defo be better at face painting by then, kids had a ball, loads mixing with different packs, and making new friends, the atmosphere was great. X!’

‘It was a great day, I can’t wait for next year’ ‘Great location as well with it all being enclosed, they were just able roam free’ ‘It was great to see the cubs mix with other packs and many made new friends, which is always good.’ ‘There was one Cub on their own and 2 Cubs went up to him and ask if he wanted to play with them.’ Daniel.

‘Oh yes, Gill it was a fantastic day and a pleasure to be part of cheers, Phil’

‘Not a problem, happy to help where I can. No idea where you got the idea from, but the Cubs all seemed to think it was a great day. It was a fantastic idea; I think we need to have Scoutfest and Beaverfest next!!! Mark’

Final words from Gill Cummins, ADC Cubs, ‘A huge thank you to all who helped to make CubFest a great success today. What a fantastic team we have in North Tameside! Same time next year anyone?’