In this day and age, it might seem that eventually all our personal shopping will be done online. But whilst that may be true in some business sectors, for others who see themselves as essential service operators, engaging with their loyal customers face to face will stay forever.

Positioned between The Food Factory and the giant B&M store in Hyde, XYLE More Than Coffee will become the company’s flagship Coffee Shop incorporating Tea Room @ XYLE and will be the first, not only to showcase its entire culinary collection and beautifully blended beverages, but also houses a fully functioning Fitness studio, which offers a series of classes, including Zumba, Yoga and Pilates.

Easily identified by its distinctive signage fronting the 60-seater coffee shop. You can now get a great workout and have fun in a wide variety of classes, organised and hosted by fully qualified fitness and Pilates instructors in classes designed for all fitness levels.

Around 10 local trades people have been employed during the substantial refurbishing and building phase and already the XYLE team have recruited, trained and employed 15 local employees; all chosen for their effective and excellent customer service skills and are now all fully barista and hygiene level 2 trained and eager to prove their skills.

Step inside the high-end coffee shop and experience the distinctive decorative ambiance which was designed to reflect the shop’s location depicting industrial Manchester and the surrounding rolling hills. And the cosy environment of the quirky Tea Room – it’s like you’ve just travelled back in time. Everything about the space in XYLE More Than Coffee screams “quality”, harkening back to the golden days of traditional Coffee Houses and classical Tea Rooms.

Justine Power-Rawson, XYLE’s Retail Brand Executive, explained the concept behind this bold venture. “Our aim is to provide all our customers with a premium artisan coffee experience. Our blend of locally roasted coffee is expertly prepared by our highly trained baristas. A large proportion of our artisan cake offer is prepared on site and combined with high end artisan treats. Our food is nothing short of delicious – from our coffee shop offer to our beautifully presented high-tea. So if you’re looking for great coffee? Look for XYLE More Than Coffee!”

“The menu’s will continue to expand and change according to the seasons and will be sold via the XYLE branded stores and through our venture into the mobile coffee market in the future,” said Justine.

Although the term ‘barista’ originates from the Italian word for bartender, in today’s high-end coffee houses, it generally refers to someone who has been professionally trained in preparing artisan coffees, especially those with a high level of skill in making espressos, cappuccino’s and lattes. And once you’ve tasted the amazing coffee and locally blended Teas at XYLE More Than Coffee – that description is certainly not exaggerated.

XYLE MORE THAN COFFEE, Hyde – Call in today at: Unit 3 Manchester Road Retail Park, Hyde, SK14 2BD