Jonathan Reynolds, Member of Parliament for Stalybridge and Hyde, welcomes the announcement that the Government have given not just the green light but also £10 million in support of a new garden village in Hyde.

Yesterday lunchtime,(1st February 2018) Chancellor Phillip Hammond and Secretary Of State for Communties and Local Government, Sajid Javid, announced their support for the Godley Garden Green scheme as they confirmed the first round of allocations from the new Housing Infrastructure Fund.

Jonathan said: “This is an important and welcome step in helping us to find a proactive solution to the local housing crisis. Tameside has seen piecemeal development for too long in which developers not communities choose where new houses should go, with no wider plan and no serious thought or resource towards infrastructure. Godley Garden Green is our opportunity to put this right and design a dream village from scratch. The whole concept of a ‘garden village’ is high quality, well designed homes which come with road and rail improvements as well as extra school places and health provision.

“I want to see a village which is beautifully laid out with green space, community space, walk and cycle ways, a new school and its own shops. I want to see a village which reflects the whole history and traditions of Hyde – the streets should be named after our former cotton mills,

local heroes and mayors of Hyde. The village must be a mixed development, with homes to suit everyone, including affordable homes. This must be the ideal home for families of all sizes, downsizers and first time buyers alike.

“I know there were a lot of local concerns when this concept was first launched, and I’m sure a few of those voices may remain. As we’ve seen with other local projects, like Metrolink, Crown Point and IKEA, there is often opposition to change, until we see for ourselves the benefits it brings. However, I believe several legitimate concerns about Godley Garden Green have now been addressed, for example that existing homes and businesses on the site can be built around and included in the village; nothing needs to be knocked down against its owners’ will. It’s important to remember at this stage this is a vision not planning permission, at which stage all local residents will have their chance to voice their views on the final plans.

“I dearly wish our late Council Leader Kieran Quinn, who passed away at Christmas, were here to hear this announcement. He and I had imagined this village from nothing, and my first phone call today on hearing the announcement, would have been to him.

Kieran never shied away from frank and courageous decisions, or from proactively taking responsibility for coming up with solutions to the local challenges we face. I would like to congratulate Tameside MBC on the success of their thorough and thoughtful bid. I think a Quinn Close would be a more than fitting tribute to his role in the birth of this ambitious vision to provide lovely, quality homes in an attractive setting for residents of Hyde for years to come.”