On the same day that the iconic recording artist, Madonna put on a ‘less than convincing, sometimes off-key performance’ at the Eurovision Song Contest in Israel, music students from Hyde Community College, stole the show at the recent ‘Meet the Market’ event in the Cheshire town of Hyde.

The young students performed songs and music across many differing musical genre, to the obvious delight of weekend shoppers.

Town Team event organiser, Harvey Beeley said, “All you have to do is listen to the music being made by these college students to realise that their musicianship and musical talent is extremely high and we are really lucky and grateful that they were able to perform to the crowd today.”

Earlier this year, Hyde Community College launched their own record label ‘Hyde CC Records’ and is now giving bands, musicians and vocalists a professional and accessible place to lay down their tracks and record and release music.

Head of Music at Hyde Community College, Mr Stephen Anthony said: “Everything is set-up ready for bands, soloists and vocalists to lay down tracks, and make a record and we can accommodate anything from solo acoustic to full rock bands. We want our students to be able to come in here and feel comfortable.

One of the first bands to take advantage of this facility was the alt-rock ‘New revolution’ who are now on track to release their very first debut EP.

Having achieved limited exposure before hand, since, the band from Hyde Community College has suddenly found themselves with hordes of new fans after their songs and clips of their performances were featured on YouTube.