The Annual District Explorer Activity Training Happy Camp, held at an undisclosed location, was held recently; at which 9 brave Explorer scouts from across North Tameside and South Manchester Districts took part.

Facing unknown challenges and testing their scouting skills to the max’ they set out in the back of an ex-military vehicle; and taking some unexpected detours on the way, they arrived at a secret location, their first task was to find the actual camp site using a map that had part of it missing!

Successfully arriving at the camp site, they quickly set up their base tents and received their first full briefing – Which was the need to solve a series of problems.

This year theme was to solve various challenges and riddles. To help them in this quest they were given data packs to help them decide which of the 27 highly infectious diseases was the priority, then to develop a cure to beat the spreading combination and save the world.

As well as skinning squirrels, building shelters to sleep under, cooking on open fires and competing against the high winds on the moors, that were constantly rolling down the valley, the team did really well.

The overall winner of the weekend was last year’s winner Lewis Mee from Hurst explorers, who won with a lead of 21 point over his nearest rivals.

All the explorers had a great time and are eagerly planning to return next year with even more determination to lift the’ Wooden Skull Trophy’ and win the coveted ‘Black Necker’.

District Explorer Leader, Alex said “these types of camps are brilliant for the explorers to participate in as it brings core skill with new challenges in an exciting theme together to help them with their personal growth and development. We are looking forward to next year’s event that we have already started work on.”

If you would like to be involved in Explorer Scouts 14 to 18 year old boys and girls contact 07931765120 or go to: