Have you collected a free tube of Smarties from Willow Wood yet? Yes, we’re giving away delicious chocolates!

But there is a catch; we’re asking that, once you’ve eaten the sweets, you refill the tube with either 20p or £1 coins and return it to us.

It’s a really easy and fun way to raise funds for Willow Wood.  If you can fill just one tube with 20p pieces, that’s £12 you’ve raised for us – and that would buy materials for an arts and crafts session for our day patients.  If you fill a tube with £1 coins, that’s £28, enough to pay for a half hour complementary therapy session leaving an extra £3 towards the £20 needed for an in-patient’s meals every day.

Our lovely nurse Claire was one of the first to take part – could you join her?  You can collect a tube from our reception or any of our shops.

And if you’d like to take a quantity for your family, friends or colleagues just let us know by ringing Charlotte on 0161 330 7788 and she’ll make sure they’re waiting for you.  Just complete the form with your name and contact details and start collecting coins for Willow Wood.