Congratulations to Nathan, a Cub Scout from 6th Ashton ‘Ford’ Cub Scout Pack, on being awarded his Chief Scout Silver Award. To qualify for this award he had to complete a number of challenges including the Joining In Award, Activity Badges and Challenge Badges.

Nathan completed over 20 nights camping, campfire building, cooking and hiking. The activity Badges included Animal Carer, Backwoods Camping and cooking and musician. His Challenge Badges included Disability Awareness, World, Team Leading and World Faith.

Nathan said the best thing in Cubs was the games especially dodge-ball. He wanted the meeting to last longer as they were so exciting. He said he was looking forward to joining the Scouts at 6th Ashton.

Joanne, Nathan’s mum, said, ‘Cubs had been great for Nathan, it had taught him to believe in himself and given him the opportunity to do many exciting things and she thanked the Leaders for all the time and work they put in each week for the Cub Pack.’

Dan, the Cub Scout Leader, said, ‘ it was good to see how the youngsters developed over the years they were in Cubs and looked forward to Nathan going on to join the Scouts Group.’

Ken Marks, Deputy County Commissioner for Greater Manchester East, presented Nathan with his Chief Scout Award as well as his Moving Up Award.

He thanked all involved with Nathan achieving his award, from his parents to the Cub Leaders.

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