Get down to Glossop’s Artisan Market this Saturday (10th November) where you’ll find an impressive array of individual stalls, brimming with a wide range of local and handmade crafts and products, which will help you to get your Christmas shopping started in style.

Open from 9.00am till 4.00pm with the emphasis on local quality and talent. Glossop’s Artisan Market regularly features some of the very finest artisan crafters and talented designers from around the region who will present visitors with a fabulous array of unusual; and sometimes ‘quirky’ – definitely distinctive and inspiring must have hand crafted items. Come and enjoy this pre-Christmas Artisan Market that will be packed to the rafters with lots of amazing Handmade Creations.

Situated adjacent to the iconic indoor Market Hall, right in the heart of the bustling town centre, you can taste the culinary delights, and talk directly to the very craftsmen and craftswomen that combine to make this small Artisan Market tick!

As many Glossop shoppers and visitors may remember, last year, the incredibly kind and generous people of Glossop donated what they could to help, the then 11-year-old Ollie, get to the F.E.W. Wado Kai European Karate Championships in Sardinia; where young Ollie did England and everyone proud by returning home with the silver medal.

In recognition of all his hard work and determination throughout the year resulted in Ollie getting selected to represent England twice, in both the All-Nations (Formally WORLD) championships and in the European Championships.

The All-Nations Championship is the pinnacle event for a Wado Kai Karateka. The competition took place in August, and Ollie felt incredibly proud and honoured to have the opportunity to lead the England squad out in the opening ceremony. He was also delighted that he managed to get to the quarter finals.

Next month, Ollie competes in the F.E.W. Wado Kai European Championships in Dublin and he is determined to represent his country, Glossop Wadokai Karate Club, and town with honour.

His hard work and training schedule are relentless, along with numerous build-up competitions leading up to this prestigious event.

So, once again Ollie is appealing for your help.

Please can you help to give him the best chance possible by supporting the ‘tombola’ at the Glossop Outdoor Market on Saturday.

For further information regarding the hidden gem which is Glossop Market, please contact: Colin Deeley on: 07794 768495 or email:

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