Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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In ‘Scouting for Boys’ Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting, referred to the Knights of the Round Table in the Arthurian Legend and to St George who was their Patron Saint and is the Patron Saint of Scouting all over the world.

As St George was typical of what a Scout should be. So, the Sunday nearest to St George’s Day (23rd April) has become an annual occasion for all United Kingdom Scouts to hold ceremonies to reaffirm their Promise and acknowledge the Scout Law in a national act of dedication.

The legend of St George, which is an allegory illustrating the triumph of good over evil, tells how he rode into the city of Silene in what is now Libya, to find people terrorised by a dragon which was fed daily with one of the citizens.

The next victim was to be Cleolinda, daughter of the King, but St George rode out, slew the dragon and freed the people from their oppressor. Thus, whether in the context of history or legend, to Baden-Powell, the story of St George epitomised the qualities of selflessness and moral and physical courage which he saw in Scouting.

Following this tradition Tameside Scouts held their St George’s Day parade last Sunday.

The parade in Ashton was lead by the Dover Explorer Scouts colour party who had the honour of carrying the flag of St George this year, (a white flag with a red cross) They were followed by the Middleton Brass Band playing the marching tunes, followed by Angela Rayner MP, Cllr Joyce Bowerman and the Scout Commissioners and all the other Scouts, which numbered approximately 400 members.

They marched from Old Street round the market and war memorial to Albion Church, where the service; led by the Minister Edward Inglis who received the flag from the Dover’s colour party which he laid on the altar.

This year, it was the turn of 2nd Ashton Scouts Sean Oreilly GSL and his leaders from the West End to the run the presentation at the service. The Scout group had been researching Scouts who had acted with great courage and bravery, like St George. During their research, they found the first Scout who joined in 1907 the movement at the start of Scouting. His name was Musgrave Wroughton aged 15 and he was known as Bob to his friends. In 1914, Bob went to the 1st World War with his regiment the 12th Lancers to fight in Ypres in Belgium and fought with great courage and bravery, but unfortunately he was killed in action in 1915 at the young age of 23 years.

Another young Scout was John Cornwall who was awarded the Victoria Cross for staying at his gun on the HMS Chester during the battle of Jutland in 1916. John remained at his post, manning a gun when all his gun crew had been killed until he too was eventually killed in the action.

The Scout Association now have the ‘Cornwall Award’ for bravery under extreme circumstances for people under 20 years old.

Part of the St George’s service is for all Scouts to stand, salute and renew their promises, Beavers 6 to 8 years old, ‘I promise to do my best. To be kind and helpful and to love God.’ Cubs 8 to 10, I promise that, ‘I will do my best to do my duty to God and the Queen.’ To help other people and to keep the Cub Scout law.’ For Scouts 10 to 14, Explorers 14 to 18, Networks 18 to 25 and Leaders 18 upwards, ‘On my honour I promise that I that I will do my best to do my duty to God and to the Queen to help other people and to keep the Scout Law.’

There are many different versions of the ‘Duty to God’ in the Scout Promise to cater for the many different religions and faiths for the girls and boys in scouting today.

The service is also where awards are presented to Scouts and Supporters to Scouting and this year the District Commissioner Andy Morton presented Award for Merits for service to Scouting, to:

Susan Frankish supporter to 413th Droylsden,

Mark Fish 6th Ashton Scout Leader,

Alan Burgess fund raiser 2/1 Hurst,

Karen Longley 2/1 Hurst Cub Scout Leader and

Dave Batty Treasurer to 6th Ashton.

Mr Andy Morton also presented the Wood Beads for leaders completing their full Scout training to:

Gillian Cummins ADC Cubs,

Tina Howarth GSL 3rd Ashton,

Stephen Longley GSL 2/1 Hurst,

Richard Dannah SL,

Danielle Hyde ABL 6th Ashton.

He also invested into Scouting after they had accepted the Scout Law and Promise,

Heather Pearce ADC Scouts,

Donna and Jim Boden SAS,

Julie Artingstall ACSL 339th Droylsden and

Richard Brown ABSL 250th Droylsden.

Following the presentations of awards the MP for Ashton and current Shadow Secretary of State for Education, Angela Rayner, congratulated all the award winners and thanked all the Leaders and Supporters for the great work they do for young people in Scouting.

At the end of the service the blessing was given and the St George Flag recovered by the flag party and tea and biscuits was served by the Scout Active Support group.

Following the service Angela Rayner’s, two sons are going to join a local Scout Group as they have now moved into Ashton.

The District Commissioner Andy Morton said, “This year’s parade was excellent, we had lovely weather and a brass band for the first time for many years, and the service, which was conducted by the Reverend Edward Inglis who showed us his Superman impressions and 2nd Ashton Scouts presentation was also excellent”.

He went onto say, “I would like to thank Angela Reyner for taking the time to turn up and showing her appreciation of what Scouting means to everybody, and also to Councillor Joyce Bowerman for supporting the Scouts, as she has done for many years. I would like to give a special thanks to Peter Douthwaite and Martin Roache from the Freemasons for their large donation and many other people who donated to our Crowd funding appeal for the band, and to Vanessa Rothwell for her support from Stronger Communities in Tameside Council”.

Alan Fish added his thanks to Albion Church for letting the Scouts to use the church, also behind the scenes Gary Edwards, Tameside Highways and Lauren Redfern, Tameside Traffic Operations, plus our Support Active Scouting team supporting the safety of the parade, and in church, one of the most important jobs, organising the tea and biscuits!”

If you would like to help scouting as a Leader or a Supporter contact Alan: fish.161te@gmail.com 07931765120 or go to www.gmescouts.org.uk

As part of GMP’s week of action on Child Sexual Exploitation, Curzon Ashton, in partnership with Phoenix Tameside, is hosting an information evening around Child Sexual Exploitation in Sport. 

We all share responsibility for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people especially in the world of sport, because all children have the right to participate in sport in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Unfortunately, as more and more instances of sexual abuse are uncovered, we know that this is not always the case.

The football abuse scandal has highlighted historical gaps in child protection that could make children vulnerable to being abused in sports settings

With speakers from Phoenix Tameside and Manchester FA, the evening will focus on safeguarding policies, early intervention and DBS checks, and will discuss details of fundamental safeguards that should be put in place by any organisation working with children in sport.

This event is open to all community sports groups and we encourage all who work in the field to register their attendance.

(Click on the poster for details)

To book your place, please email: cse.tameside@gmp.police.uk

Hyde Town Team endeavour to take a central role in the life of the town centre, by supporting and encouraging residents, visitors and the many voluntary organisations and businesses in our community to support a series of town centre events, designed to boost footfall and restore Hyde to its former glory.

After much discussion the team have reached an arrangement with Tameside Markets that allows the holding of a series of ‘Table-Top Sales’ on the second Sunday of each month.

Table-Top Sales are popular with everyone; especially those who wish to sell their unwanted items, those who are looking to pick up a bargain and those who are just looking for a day out.

Neil Openshaw, Vice Chair of Hyde Town Team said, “We open outdoors on Hyde Market Square on SUNDAY 11th June 2017, continuing on the second Sunday of the month, up to December.

It is envisaged that stallholders will be selling a wide range of goods – pre-loved, clothing, homemade, vintage, collectibles, books etc’ and some of the stalls will be raising money for charities. The introduction of a monthly Table-Top Sale is just one of many opportunities being explored along with many other town centre ideas for keeping Hyde on the map for shoppers.”

The cost of a table is £8.00 if booked and paid for in advance. Alternatively, for £10.00, stalls can be booked in advance and paid for in cash on the day. Stalls taken on the day, £12.00 cash, and are subject to availability. Traders are welcome on the strict understanding that they offer second-hand goods only and traders’ fees will be £15.00 per stall, payable in cash on the day.

Stall holders set up 08:30am, with public admission from 10:00am – 3.00pm.

There is plenty of free parking, and access to all toilet facilities can be found within the adjacent Clarendon Shopping Centre. Hot food and drinks will also be on sale during the event.                                                                                                                                                                           Hyde Town Team continually create and host the most amazing calendar of events that Tameside has to offer, right throughout the year  – so, come along, visit Hyde, join in the fun, pick-up a bargain and join in one of the many events that’s right on your doorstep.

Stallholder enquiries to: Neil Openshaw on: 07722225529 Or download the booking form on the Hyde Town Team website: www.shopathyde.com

Coming to Hyde on 27th May during “Love your Local Market” 14 day event, Hyde Town Team have joined with Hyde Markets to bring you the ‘biggest’ event ever staged on the towns Civic Square!

It’s been well over 34 years since the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man squashed his way through the streets of New York in the classic movie, “Ghostbusters” but in the next few weeks it’s been predicted that yet another mischievous ghoul will descend on Hyde’s outdoor Market!

That’s your chance to get yourself and your whole family photographed in front of this once in a lifetime super inflatable monster, but be warned. Only come if you ain’t afraid of no ghosts!’

Because ghostly fun will be in the air throughout the day as Hyde put on the “Ultimate Ghostbusters Paranormal Extravaganza” featuring the giant lumbering 35ft Marshmallow Man as its centre piece and a replica of The Ghostbusters fabulous vehicle, the Ecto-FUN car!

Experience the fun. Dig out your Ecto Goggles and collect the ectoplasm prizes from the Town Teams Plasma Tombola Drum.

This showcase event is taking place in the town on Saturday 27th May, between 10am and 4pm as part of the popular ‘Love Your Local Market campaign’ which celebrates the uniqueness of UK markets, not just in May but all-year-round and we are encouraging local market traders and members of the public to join in the fun, shop locally and help support our traditional markets!

After consistently strong rating performances in our first two seasons, the only online, daily up-dated website that brings visitors the latest local news, has expanding its regional reach.

Over the relatively short time from its inception in November 2013, Hyde Community Matters has developed from a Hyde centred glossy 24page ‘Community News Magazine’ thorough to December 2014 when we took the project online to become a daily up-dated online community news site, which to date has attracted well over 370,000 visitors, – all eager to read the local news; – and that number is still growing!

Now, in response to a number of requests to cover news and events from our friends in neighbouring towns and villages, we are pleased to announce that we have gently expanded our news coverage to provide a more comprehensive reader service by covering good news, events and achievements from individuals, communities and businesses, from a little further afield – no longer exclusively covering one town, but the whole of Tameside and the surrounding regions, and by doing so, we’re better placed to support our local advertisers growing development needs.

“Of all our current partners we spoke with, Karen Dorney of Hyde’s Paper Tulips understands the success and potential of our in-depth local news coverage; and as the owner of Tameside’s premier craft emporiums and organiser of monthly Artisan Markets, she is uniquely positioned to back our expansion, as it encourages potential customers from much wider areas,”

“While continuing to put our readers at the heart of everything we do; we are committed to continue to cover in-depth local news articles, showcase local events, shout about schools and student achievements and profile specialist real-life features that celebrate those individuals who have achieved success, shown courage against the odds, or people who are making a difference within our local communities.”

To reflect these changes, we have changed the name to one that better echo’s the new site’s expanded content.

Visitors to the old site, www.hydecommunitymatters.com, will automatically be redirected to the new site, www.localcommunitymatters.com

“Our aim is still to provide the best online news specifically to our close communities, by offering a convenient, one-click, local source of timely daily up-dated news, where visitors come first for information and advice, local businesses place their adverts and community groups put us at the top of their list when promoting their up-coming events.”


We believe that this online expansion marks a return to real local news, giving readers the chance to learn more about what’s going on in their immediate area and to read (and write) news stories about what matters to them. We are therefore looking for ANY VOLUNTEERS from the different areas, (who’d like to see their work in print) so that we can have a ‘person on the ground’ who is in closer touch in identifying local happenings and who would become the main point of contact for local people; – promoting the work of local community organisations, voluntary sector groups and businesses, along with arts, school successes, sport and cultural activities that are taking place in their area.


  • Budding or experienced reporters, with access to email, who wish to gain experience or give back to their local community
  • To find and root out stories of particular interest to people in their area
  • To write, research and interview for those stories, to build content on the website.
  • We also need a ‘Social Media’ savvy person to place local stories and events on Facebook & Twitter etc’ to drive site traffic.

This is a great opportunity for local budding and experienced journalists to hone their writing skills.

This wider reader appeal also adds a much more expansive opportunity for local advertisers to reach a vastly expanded audience, and by widening our readership, we plan to gradually introduce extra relevant categories like jobs, motoring, housing, and domestic services, among other localized topics.

So, if you would like to become a volunteer local correspondent, or are a forward thinking Community Group, Local Business, School, Sports Club, Faith Group or Charity organisation and have stories you think are newsworthy, want to publicise your events, achievements, or wish to advertise to a growing local audience, please contact us directly by email: roger@localcommunitymatters.com

Local Community Matters is a not-for-profit community trust, run by volunteers all of whom have strong links to the towns and people surrounding Tameside.


Scouts from North Tameside District, Droylsden and Ashton, are looking for funds this year for a real band for their St Georges Parade on 23rd of April where all Scouts remake their promise.

At last year’s parade they had the Wyn Fish ‘Tango Orange CD Band’, which was basically a well placed loud speaker playing marching band music off the top of Wyn’s orange Land Rover, as the Scouts had no money for a real band.

This year the District Commissioner Andrew Morton wanted a real band so set up a Crowd Funding fund to raise money for a real band, if you would like to support his cause and see your band marching on the 23rd then go to http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/st-georges-day-parade/

The parade starts on Old Street outside Harrington and Hallsworth Sunday 23/4/17 at 2.30pm and marches along the side of the market and back onto Old Street up to Albion Church for the service, which will be carried out by 2nd Ashton Scouts. If you would like to help marshal the parade or join Scouts as a leader or just help out contact alan.fish.161te@gmail.com

07931765120 or go to www.gmescouts.org.uk/join or ask any Scout leader on the parade.



In line with most Rotary Clubs throughout the UK and Ireland, Hyde Rotary Club held their Stroke Awareness Day last Saturday in Hyde’s Clarendon Shopping Centre.

In attendance were two doctors and four nurses who tested a steady stream of Hyde shoppers and visitors who find it difficult to visit their doctors’ surgery.

Rotary President Kevin Maddox, said, “This is a important event in the Rotary calendar. It’s a service we offer our community every year and we are fortunate as a club that we have three doctors and three nurses who are Club members.”

“Unfortunately, we quite often find that young people are reluctant to have a reading taken, however mature people are always first in the queue, this year we tested 97 people over a four hour period and our doctors recommended that 12 should visit there GP surgery for further advice.”


Meet us at Hyde’s Easter Market and discover the spring bargains from the many different shops and stallholders on Saturday, April 15th.

As well as the exhibition stand brought to you by Blood Bikes Manchester, Hyde Town Team have secured ‘Reagan’ – a professional face painter and henna skin designer who will be on hand next to the Town Team’s Tombola stall, to demonstrate her art by producing many stunning and creative results while making children and adults happy with her new artistic designs.

“We love to be creative; so just tell us which design you want; anything from animals, fairies, heroes, sports, clowns, or even something scary and gruesome, we offer many options and varieties.” said Regan.

So bring the family down to Hyde’s Easter Market this Easter Saturday. See the Blood Bikes Manchester demonstrating and displaying some of their fleet of emergency vehicles, in an effort to raise public awareness of their vital services to the community. Let the kids sit on their bikes, whilst you hear about the incredible life-saving work their volunteers perform.

And whilst the kids are having their faces transformed into ‘super heroes, you can be grabbing bagfuls of Hyde Market bargains! Have a small punt on the Town Team Tombola too -the funds all go into making Hyde a better place to shop!

And if that’s not all, there are also cash prizes to be won by Hyde’s retailers and stall holders in ‘The Best Dressed Business Competition’

Visit Hyde Market from 11.00am on Easter Saturday April 15th where a fantastic day will be had by all.


Visit Hyde Central Methodist Church Hall on Saturday 10th June and discover a wide range of beautifully crafted products and soak up the bustling atmosphere as you enjoy this idyllic family event.

Browse unique jewellery, gifts, home and garden pieces glassware, luxury beauty products and leather goods, and much, much more, all made by local craftsmen and women.


Put a big note in your diary to visit the Craft Fair on Saturday the 10th of June

Doors open at 10am till 3pm

Admission including a raffle ticket only 50p (Raffle to be drawn at 2.0pm)

Accompanied children under 15 are free.

For your delectation you can wet your whistle with a choice of hot and cold beverages and try our delicious hand created gastronomic treats, designed to tempt – all served by our charming and efficient waiters throughout the day.

Everyone welcome.

If you would like to visit the craft fair or become a stallholder, or would like to know more about us,

please contact: ruthmagsjane@talktalk.net

Hyde Central Methodist Church, Crook Street, Hyde. SK14 1NQ. 0161-368-1392

Local author and historian Lee Brown will hold a book signing in support of his latest book, HYDE – The Changing Years’ this Saturday, from 12.00noon.

The book, which Lee has self-published, will only be available for sale, from Bill Harrison’s newsagents on Lower Market Street, in Hyde town centre, and is a must for all Hydonians!

The book, which is on sale for £9.99, is full of old photos of the town with a recent photo for comparison, with great points of local history in the accompanying text and offers an insight into the history of the town and how it has changed over the years.

Lee invites anyone who has already purchased one, or has bought copies of any of his previous books to come by and have him autograph them, whether you wish to buy an additional book or not. He would enjoy talking to anyone about local history.

If you can’t make it to the book signing; but would love to own a copy, or who maybe lives out of the area, Lee would be happy to post one out and add the price of the postage.

More than anything, Lee who love to share the town’s history with other locals. He encourages everyone to dig through old photo albums and share their families’ histories, as well.

You can contact Lee via this site or leave a message at Bill Harrisons newsagents.