Sylvia Clayton had a ‘wheelie’ great day recently, when she was taken out to enjoy a morning of cycling by a kind-hearted hospice volunteer.

When Sylvia, 74, from Heaton Chapel, who has been attending St Ann’s Hospice in Heald Green as a Day Therapy patient, told the team there that she’d love to ride a bike again, they set about making it happen.

One of the hospice volunteers, Nicola, took Sylvia to Wythenshawe Park where non-profit organisation Wythenshawe Wheelers run regular inclusive cycling sessions with several types of bikes for people with different abilities.

Sylvia said: “It was definitely a fun morning. I felt happy and energised, and it stopped me from focussing on my problems.”

Sylvia is unable to talk, and she communicates by writing things down. She said: “I used to ride a bike before I was ill, but now I can’t balance on a two-wheeler. I tried four different bikes and I liked the Pashley Bike, but there was also a trendy, laid back one too.

“I’ve very much enjoyed coming to day care at St Ann’s, all the staff are wonderful. My every need has been met, and I didn’t imagine being taken for a bike ride!”

Day Therapy Team Leader at St Ann’s, Amanda Connors, said: “We always like to help our patients achieve things they didn’t think possible. We’re so glad that we could arrange this for Sylvia, and that she had such a great time.”