The SAS in Scouting is short of volunteer helpers, not the Special Air Services but Scouts Active Support Unit.

It is similar, but the Scout helpers don’t have parachutes to drop in, but they do drop in to help Scouting and at events.

The Scouts Active Support unit is a group of people that help Scouts now and again, not every week like Leaders. They don’t have to become Scout Leaders on wear a uniform, they are people that help at events like competitions judging, marshalling or adding up scores, they also help out at camps, but don’t have to stay overnight in tents, but they do help with training if they have a skill they could pass onto the Scouts or Leaders

Occasionally they stand as chairmen/women, secretaries or treasurers at meetings; they play an active roll in helping the recruitment of Scouts and Leaders with the PRATTS (Public Relations and Trailer Team Scouts) They also step-in when people are away and even perform the extremely important role of brewing up sometimes.

The volunteer role list can be very large with many different roles to help Scouting and it can be from two hours a year to as many hours as you can fit in with your own lifestyle or work shift patterns.

The SAS is suitable for older people who would like to help Scouting. A great why of getting them out of the house, becoming active again and making new friends, as our older community has many skills that are not being used.

If you or you know of a older person is interested in the SAS then contact alan.fish@ntscouts.org.uk

Tel: 07931765120 or go to www.gmescouts.org.uk for further information.