Tuesday the 10th October, saw 8 school teams, made up from 65 children from the Hyde Primary School cluster, compete in the incredibly popular ‘Ultimate Dodgeball’ competition.

The Dodgeball tournament, which was hosted at Hyde Community College, has become a universally appealing sport that virtually everyone can play. – If you can catch, throw or dodge then you can play Dodgeball.

Tournament coordinator, Kay Hawke, said, “As you can imagine the games bring out a mixture of skills, fused with excitement and frenzy and it was fabulous to see so many children thoroughly enjoying themselves at the tournament. Dodgeball is a fantastic way to get children active and helps in the development of team-building and tactical thinking. In Dodgeball, every team member is important.”

Kay went on to say, “A big ‘thank you’ must go to the 11 Sports Leaders from Hyde Community College that assisted with the smooth running of the tournament with their expert refereeing and who set a fabulous example to the younger children in gamesmanship and team play.”

“Also, on behalf of the Hyde Schools cluster, we must say a big thank you to all those spectators who supported the event.”

As for the eventual winners; well that honour went to the boys and girls from Flowery Field who sailed through the tournament without losing a single game, with Bradley Green running a close second.

The next tournament to be held is the Volleyball tournament for KS2 on 14th November – and the children can’t wait!