Pictured Shuhaney and her mum, Dr Vik Tanna PHF and Hyde Rotary Past President, Alan Oldham

As many Hyde Residents know,’The Rotary Club of Hyde’ raise hundreds of pounds throughout the year, to donate much needed funding to many worthy causes, charities and individuals within the community.

Two of their most popular, successful and high profile fund raising events occur when they take their Christmas sleigh out to visit the four corners of the town or set up their stand at the annual Gee Cross Fete.

The money they raise, not only helps a wide range of charities; as the following story illustrates; they also give hope to individuals in need too. A typical case was when they recently supported a young lady who required urgent medical treatment.

Rotarian Dr Vik Tanna PHF took up the story. “Shuhaney is a bright and bubbly young girl who lives in Dukinfield and studies at Hyde Community College.

Unfortunately she has been diagnosed with Spastic Diplegia, which means she has stiff, paralysed legs, so she cannot stand or walk, and needs help for many daily activities.

Recently, she has been offered a new spinal operation by surgeons at Pendlebury Hospital to relieve her leg spasticity after which, she will need Intensive physiotherapy for many months to strengthen her muscles and improve her balance. The hope is that she will be able to walk again within a year.

Unfortunately, the operation is not currently funded by the NHS. But hearing her plight, the Caudwell Children’s Charity has raised an Appeal for Shuhaney to fully fund her operation and her prolonged rehabilitation.”

The Rotary Club of Hyde considered Shuhaney’s case, and decided that they too would support her, and presented her with a cheque of £1,000.00 at a special meeting in late June.

If you would like to help this young lady, you too can support her appeal online by clicking her ‘Just Giving Page’ called ‘Help Shuhaney Walk.. 

You can also read her full story on her ‘Just Giving Page’ too. Click on: ‘Help Shuhaney Walk’. 

NB. On behalf of all at Local Community Matters, we wish Shuhaney well and hope her operation leads to a successful recovery.