Alan Fish and the PRaTTS (Public Relations and Trailer Team Scouts) staffed their Scout trailer at last week ‘Volunteers Week’ in the hope of recruiting to Leaders and Adult Supporters to join them in North Tameside Scouts; a group which covers 8 Scout groups in Ashton and Droylsden.

On the day, the PRaTTS did manage to recruit one Leader for 2nd Ashton, but were really trying to recruit Leaders for 12th Ashton Scouts, who meet in the Richmond Street Community Centre. Unfortunately, they didn’t get any other adults to join up … but they did get a few girls and boys who wish to join scouting.

As part of the event, the scouts thought it might be a good idea to have an activity on their stand to interest the visitors and shoppers, so they devised a competition to get a ‘pop up tent’ back in its bag, … it was quite good fun as contestants struggled with the ‘labour saving tent’ which resulted in many entrants giving up even though they had instructions.

In fact there was only person on the day to get it back in its bag and that was Mr Ken Marks who won a prize of a ‘free’ Scout pen.

A smiling Ken said, “If I had know it was only a Scout pen prize, I would have not taken part as it was a difficult task trying to twist the frames around and get the awkward material back in the bag.”

Alan Fish, an old Scout, said, “Pop ups are great to put up, but I feel it’s quicker to pack an old type patrol tent and wooden poles, than it is to get a new fangled ‘pop up’ back in its bag, but it was a laugh watching people trying. Scouting has changed just like the tents and badges there are computer badges now, it is not all about camping and rubbing sticks together anymore!”

Alan concluded, “It is sad, but 12th Ashton may have to close if help cannot be found soon.”

If you would like to volunteer as a Leader to help young people in Scouting or even an Adult Helper raising funds or managing a Scout group please contact: alan.fish@ntscouts.org.uk 07931765120.