Picture by: Owen Humphrey

Starchaser Industries Limited successfully launched its Skybolt 2 Research Rocket from Otterburn in Northumberland yesterday, (Sept 11th 2017) paving the way for manned tests of Starchaser’s Space Tourism rocket in the future.

The project was managed by Starchaser Industries, a privately-held, high technology group of companies that specializes in the development, operation and commercialization of space related products and services

Starchaser Managing Director Steve Bennett said, ‘There are millions of people who’d like to take a trip to outer space and this successful flight of Skybolt has taken us another step closer to making this a reality. As part of our Educational Outreach Programme, Skybolt 2. The successful launch yesterday will hopefully go on to inspire many thousands of youngsters as we visit our local schools.’

‘During the launch’ the 27 foot Skybolt 2 craft tested vital electronic systems as well as a bespoke parachute recovery system to ensure the rocket returned to earth intact. Other payloads included a science project from Sheffield Hallam University, commercial cargo and a number of video cameras. We also carried a stuffed toy dog called Sam courtesy of pupils from Morecambe Bay Primary School, some of who were present at the launch.’

Although designed to fly more than 100 km to the edge of space, the maximum altitude for this first flight of the rocket was limited to 4000 feet, so as to avoid interfering with commercial air traffic and to ensure a safe landing within the Otterburn Danger Area.

EDITORS COMMENT: Steve Bennet has proven himself to be a very skilled individual who has the capacity to do great things.  On behalf of all at Local Community Matters, we wish him and Starchaser Industries continued success as they face new challenges and adventures!