Could you please help us out? …You could make an amazing difference by simply supporting our young people as they progress from Beavers and Cubs, to more senior Explorer Scouts.

Scout Groups from all four corners of Tameside are on the lookout for Adult Helpers to help their young people in Scouts, assisting the girls and boys from 6 years to 18 years old, to enjoy their Scouting.

The new 12th Ashton Group at: www.richmondstreetcommunitycentre.co.uk has started very well but is now struggling along with 2nd Ashton at West End Methodist Church, to find replacement helpers, as couple of Leaders and Adult Helpers have left due to other commitments.

Most of the Scout Groups in North Tameside (Ashton and Droylsden) need extra adult help too, to support their young people and assist the existing Leaders. There are many support roles in Scouting, you don’t have to be a Leader you can just help out, depending how much time you can spare, it can be as low as 2 hours every 2 months to be a trustee to help run a Scout Group or be a Secretary, Treasurer or Chair, or it could be 2 hours every week at a section night with Beavers, Cubs, Scouts or Explorers, doing admin, helping with games, collecting subs or even brewing up!

There is training for every role to help you in which ever role you would like to try and you will need a DBS (was CRB) which Scouts will obtain for you.

If you can’t give a regular commitment that’s fine too, as Leader can work round your shift patterns or what times you can give. There is also a group of Adults that help now and again, which are not attached to a specific Scout Group; they simply help out when they are free, like helping out at competitions, 5 a side games, cooking, swimming, marshalling and at camps, but worry, you don’t have to camp in a tent, they are called SAS (Scout Active Support).

If you would like any information on how you could help Scouting, please contact: alan.fish@ntscouts.org 07931765120 or go to www.gmescouts.org.uk.

Alan Fish, speaking on behalf of all the local Scouting Groups, said, “In Scouting you meet new friends, learn new skills, be part of a team, have fun and it does help if you like kids but in some roles you don’t need to go near one, I have been in Scouting over 50 years and I still love it but we could do with some more Adult supporters to help us.”

You can also get more information on Scout vacancies by visiting: https://www.actiontogether.org.uk/volunteer/organisation-opportunities/100534

Join in Scouting to help young people    www.gmescouts.org.uk/join  www.tameside.gov.uk/sid/scouts