Last weekend, volunteers from ‘The Friends of Hollingworth’ community group came out in force to clean up their local area.

Meeting early on the Market Street Car Park, the group; made up of local residents, once again organised themselves and planned a successful clean-up of the village.

Despite being virtually cut in half and suffering daily from severe traffic congestion by one of the country’s busiest roads, (A628) the group was formed last year by a cross section of concerned locals who are proud of their village and wanted all residents and visitors alike to enjoy their village at its best. They achieved this by creating a series of family friendly social events and organised regular hands-on, practical efforts to spruce up their village.

Shaz Naz, Owner-Operator at Hollingworth Village Store and Post Office, said, “Our monthly community litter picking events are a great way to tackle those areas of the village that seem to attract rampant littering. Unfortunately, these days it suggests that a general lack of civic sense and pride in ones surroundings is at the root of the problem. Even as we sweep and pick-up discarded litter, within day’s people don’t think twice before littering again!”

The children joined in to clean up their village

“Even though it was a really cold day, we didn’t let this dampen our spirit and we went on to pick up dropped litter, removed rubbish from hedgerows and pavements, which totalled over 20 bags of rubbish containing litter, fast food containers, ‘cigarette butts, bottles and cans.

These voluntary events are a great example of good community teamwork, involving a range of age groups and help bring the Hollingworth community together.”

‘Friends of Hollingworth’ tell us that being able to improve their area by engaging in personal action is very satisfying and that they like having the opportunity to make their community a better place to live.



If you are interested in learning more about ‘The Friends of Hollingworth, or becoming one yourself, see their Facebook page: