While millions of people around the world were watching Prince Harry marry Meghan Markle on Saturday, shoppers in Hyde Town Centre were treated ‘royally’ to a musical event, showcasing the musical talents of students from Hyde’s Community College.

As the music rang out across the market square there developed a fabulous community spirit as people gathered in the sunshine to appreciate the young singers and musicians who enthusiastically put on a ‘market square’ show that covered a wide variety of genres.

The musical event was organised by volunteers from the Hyde Town Team, in conjunction with Teachers and Students from Hyde Community College and Tameside Markets Managers

Deputy Headteacher, Paul Thompson said, “Last year, the response from residents, shoppers and visitors was great, and the atmosphere brilliant, so we wanted to put this on again; …and we were not disappointed!”

Head of Music at the college, Mr Stephen Anthony, said, ““Playing live is one of the things our students have always loved; it’s such a wonderful experience. It’s a time when musicians and singers get to connect with people, and we are grateful to the Hyde Town Team for their invaluable time and effort they put in to make our annual musical event happen.”


Hyde Town Team is a totally independent group of volunteers who are dedicated to creating vibrant, sustainable events that capture the imagination of the visiting public and boost the appeal and encourage more shoppers to visit Hyde’s Town Centre.

Harvey Beeley, a member of the Town Team said, “The team try to provide innovative and exciting trading environments for traders and stimulating events for the visiting public, blending retail opportunities with fun, ‘education’, entertainment and originality. That’s why our next ‘market square’ event will be a ‘Retail Event’ which is scheduled to take place on Saturday the 23rd June 2018. The event will consist of a number of conventional ‘High Street’ names breaking with tradition by taking their offerings to the shopping public.”