Charities looking for offices, retail space, workshops or storage space can now access a growing range of workspaces for free, thanks to The Global Educational Trust.

The Global Educational Trust (GET) works with landlords who have empty commercial spaces.

In many towns, retail and commercial premises are getting increasingly hard to fill, so whilst the landlord tries to secure a long-term paying tenant, GET makes use of the space in the ensuing period, this can often be for many months and in some instances, even years.

GET have recently been given the use of a large retail space in Hyde, within the Clarendon Square Shopping Centre and are opening up a ‘free books shop’ on the ground floor. Books are saved from landfill and pulping and are offered free to customers, thus helping the environment whilst promoting literacy and learning.

This particular property has an upper floor and GET would like to share this space with a local charity or good cause, ideally one that has educational objectives, whether that is in practical skills, development of personal skills, reading groups or workshops etc’.

The charity that is invited to share this space would be given their own key so they may access he space at their own convenience, they would be asked to make a nominal contribution of £20 per week, however an application may be made to reduce this weekly donation if necessary. There would be no rent or rates to pay; in addition to the weekly contribution the upstairs charity may incur some running expenses such as cleaning.

There is a simple sub agreement to sign that outlines the main aspects of the agreement, such as the need to vacate within 28 days if the landlord gives notice, and of course the charity may terminate the agreement at any time themselves.

This is a wonderful opportunity for a local charity to increase awareness of their work and flourish in this new space.

Here is a link to the GET Free Books http://globaleducationaltrust.org/index.php/2-uncategorised/75-free-books-initiative .