The Saddleworth Air Cadets are celebrating a decision that will allow them to remain in operation for the foreseeable future.

In May of this year the continuation of the 2200 Saddleworth Detached Flight group was put into question with cadets and parents being told that the unit would be disbanded in July. Cadets would be given the choice of moving to one of the three other local squadrons- 2200 Oldham SQN 247 Ashton SQN and 1855 Royton SQN.

Adjutant, CI Alison Clowes, said: “Despite the news they were given, the cadets did as they do best putting in sterling performances at competitions, public events and in their projects.”

This Monday a public meeting was held with the Wing Commander and a decision made to keep the unit open to give them the opportunity resolve their current staff shortage and to reach squadron status. This must occur within the next two years.

Alison commented: “In order for this to happen we must recruit a number of Cadet Forces Adult Volunteers in the immediate term, initially in the form of Civilian Instructors but with uniformed positions being available in time, in the form of either Royal Air Force Air Cadet Commissioned Officers or Senior Non Commissioned Officers. The organisation will provide an initial training package and welcomes skills from a diverse background, with a minimum age of 20 to join in a volunteer role.”

The unit is also required to double their current cadet numbers from 20 to 40 and to retain this number for a period of time.

The minimum age for joining is 12 as a year 8 secondary school student. The organisation offers young people fantastic opportunities in a wide range of activities, such as UK and oversees camps on RAF stations, leadership and team working development, inter-squadron sports competitions, aviation training and a whole host of other prospects.

Alison continued: “The cadets still have a busy diary ahead of them with many exciting activities and events coming up.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank the community for their enduring support over time and we look forward to seeing you all soon.”

If you are interested in joining the Cadets or volunteering with them contact: Sgt Howard or CI Clowes through the Saddleworth Air Cadets Facebook page or email or