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Last Friday brought great news for RSCC (Richmond Street Community Centre) and the 12th Ashton Scouts!

On the day of the official launch of the 12th Ashton Scouts, the RSCC also received notification that it had received a National Lottery ‘Award for All’ grant of £9850.00 for its new roof project, ‘A Roof for the Community.’

On the day, the new Scout Group had a great turnout which saw the recruitment of 10 Beavers, 12 Cubs, 4 Scouts and 5 Leaders all keen to join in the adventure of scouting following the closure of the old 12th Ashton Scout Group four years ago.

Two people who were Scouts in the old Scout Group turned up to be leaders. Morgan Crane was an Explorer Scout over 14 years ago and Andy Mullin was as Scout many years ago.

Morgan Crane said, “I enjoyed Scouting when I was 14 and I wanted to put something back in for today’s young people in Scouts, helping them share some of the good times and experiences I had as a Scout.

The new group is now set up in the new RSCC on Roy Oldham’s Sports Village on Richmond Street Ashton, which was provided through a collaboration of funders, the hard work from groups of volunteers and the management team lead by Alan Fish from the Scouts.

Alan Fish said, “It has been a long slog to get where we are now with a new Community Centre and the Scout Group, but it has all been worth it for the surrounding communities.

The Scouts now meet on Friday nights at RSCC along with other groups like Archery, Weight Watchers, Cyclists and older people groups with ‘Ambition for Ageing’ on other nights.

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