Monday, August 20, 2018
Families Matter

Solicitors for the Elderly (SFE) is running a national campaign to raise awareness about planning for later life.

In a study it found that 96% of people in the North West had made no provision for themselves in the event that they should lose mental capacity. The study also found that a further 40% had made no provision whatsoever for later life , having no will, pension, funeral plan or Lasting Power of Attorney.

Somewhat shockingly, 67% of people in the North West are of the belief that their next of kin can make decision on their behalf over healthcare treatment if they were not able to make those decisions for themselves and 66% believe that their spouse would have the power to do so which is incorrect.

In the North West 73% of people would wish for a family member to make decisions about their medical and care treatment if they were to lose mental capacity, but this does not happen automatically. The only way to guarantee that the people you want making those decisions can do so is to have a registered Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney in place.

At present there are 12.8 million people over the age of 65 who run the risk of developing dementia and only 928,000 registered Health and Welfare Lasting Powers of Attorney, this is a difference of nearly 93% showing the shocking number of people ill-prepared for what may come.

In the North West only 4% of the people surveyed by SFE have a Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney in place which is below the 7% national average.

It is crucial that people plan ahead for their future, ensuring that they have Lasting Powers of Attorney in place to allow the important decisions to be made by the people they trust.

How we can help

Contact Laura Stansfield, Sue Darlington or Susanne Furness in our Wills, Probate & Planning for the Future department to discuss how one of our team of experts can help guide you through this process.


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Get yourselves down to the home of Haughton Green Junior Football Club on Sunday 5th August for a fun-packed afternoon of family entertainment.

The ground will open at midday and it’s FREE ENTRY to everybody!

The fun day will featured a range of stalls where people can get their hands on some great prizes on the Tombola as well as other fun family attractions like:

  • Bouncy Castle
  • Fun Games
  • Penalty Shoot Out Competition
  • Target Shot
  • Soak the Coach
  • Table Top Sale
  • Coconut Smash
  • Shoot the Hoop


As well as Ice Cream, Burgers & Hotdogs and a range of Hot & Clod Drinks

So gather the family together and go along to support the Young Footballers at their fun-packed event where there’s something that everyone can enjoy!

You can find the ground on:

Kendal Avenue, off Mancunian Road, Haughton Green, M34 7GZ

If you would like to book a table at a cost of £10, please contact: Vicki on 07393 508 136

An amazing 980 local Post Code Lottery players are celebrating winning a share of £3 Million in July’s Postcode Millions draw in Dukinfield.

The lucky winners who play with the full winning postcode, SK16 5AX, took home the top prize of £305,674 each!

Mother of three Lorna only signed up to play in June. She was one of the lucky winners who took away £305,674.

Lorna said, “When that big cheque came out I was literally shaking, it’s such a huge amount of money and it’s so surreal to think that I’ve won. I’ll need to have a sit down and think about what I’m going to do with it. It’s my 50th birthday in September so I’d like to visit America as I’ve never been. My dad and brother have also recently moved to Norfolk so it might be nice to move closer to them.”

By playing People’s Postcode Lottery, Lorna is also helping to support charities and there’s one in particular that means a lot to her.

She said, “We adopted our dog Oscar from Dogs Trust last year and I’ve always wanted a pet. He has made such a huge difference to our family and I’m so happy that I get to support the charity by playing People’s Postcode Lottery.”

Lorna’s neighbour Julia also scooped £305,674. She signed up to play last month too when her dad, who also plays, urged her to have a go.

She said, “I’m so grateful to my dad for telling me to play. This is all a bit surreal, but really exciting. I have no idea what to spend the money on, but I’ll probably go on holiday to Florida next year. It was just unbelievable when the last letter of the winning postcode was revealed to everyone and I realised it was mine.”

Julia’s mum and dad, Jean and Ian, also won at the event, picking up a cheque for £2,217. Ian said, “I said you need to get in it. We won £10 about four times since we signed up just over a year ago.”

The remaining 980 winners scooped between £2,217 and £6,651.

People’s Postcode Lottery Presenter Matt Johnson said, It has been an incredible day here in Dukinfield, the biggest event we have ever done! It is brilliant to be able to celebrate with everyone who has won today.”

32% of the ticket price goes to charities. To date, players have raised over £320 Million for more than 4,000 good causes. This prize was part of a draw promoted by the Postcode Global Trust.

One local charity which has been supported by our players is the bereavement support group Finding Rainbows. The group received £2,600 in 2017 to support parents who have lost a baby or a child and to offer information, advice and guidance to the extended family.


Sad couple having the serious argument

The Supreme Court has today handed down its judgment in the case of Owens vs Owens. Tini Owens said that her marriage had irretrievably broken down. She has been married for 40 years to her husband Hugh. She told the court that she had been contemplating a divorce since 2012 but did not leave the matrimonial home until February 2015.

Tini said that she could not move forward with her life while she was still married, and that Hugh had behaved in such a way that she could not reasonably be expected to live with him. However, Hugh denied that he had behaved as alleged, and refused to agree to the divorce.

As law currently stands, in order to obtain a divorce, you have to prove that the marriage has irretrievably broken down, and give one of the following 5 reasons:

  • Adultery

Unreasonable behaviour


You have lived apart for more than 2 years and both agree to the divorce

You have lived apart for at least 5 years even if the other spouse does not agree.


The Supreme Court considered this case, and, albeit as stated with “no enthusiasm whatsoever” said that none of these grounds had been established. The Supreme Court said it was not their job to change the law, and that was a matter for parliament. Therefore the Judge at first instance was correct to refuse to grant a decree nisi and she must remain married until 5 years had passed since Tini left Hugh.

Hugh’s barrister said that Tini was “essentially advocating divorce by unilateral demand of the petitioner” and that was not what the law intended. Other commentators have said that now is the time to introduce “no-fault” divorces.

If you need any advice in relation to divorce or relationship breakdown, or any matters arising from those, please do not hesitate to contact our expert family team.

Denise Pinder



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Even though our weather forecasters have warned today of torrential downpours, lightning and strong gusty winds, analyst are still predicting the strong possibility of several more weeks of hot weather. That’s why White Cross Vets in Hyde is advising pet owners to remain vigilant after seeing a surge of heatstroke cases in recent weeks. 

This follows The Met Office predicting that this summer could be the hottest since records began 108 years ago, as well as being one of the driest.

Mike Robinson from White Cross Vets in Hyde said: “Lots of pets find very hot weather difficult to deal with and this is particularly true for dogs, especially because they like to run around to exert energy.  We’ve seen several heatstroke cases in recent weeks which can be dangerous and even deadly if not treated properly.

“Signs of heatstroke in dogs include very heavy panting and drool that becomes stringy rather than watery. Their tongue can turn dark purple in colour initially and then blue as the heat stroke progresses.  In severe cases, dogs will collapse; start fitting and go into organ failure.

Dogs suffering from heatstroke are emergency cases and should be checked over by a vet immediately. Owners can take steps to encourage cooling by dousing their pet using cool, rather than very cold, water and moving them to a well-ventilated and shaded area.  Draping a wet towel over the dog’s back will also help as will placing them in the breeze of a fan.

“Nationally there are also lots of reports of dogs having to be rescued from swelteringly hot cars.  It’s vitally important to never leave a dog in a car on a warm day in any circumstances, even for a few minutes, as a dog can quickly overheat and could even die in as little as 15 minutes.”

White Cross Vets has created a list of precautions that pet owners should take during hot weather:-

  • Always make sure there is always plenty of fresh water available for pets. 
  • Never leave your dog in a hot car and if you have to take them in the car, always plan ahead to work out what you’ll do at your destination.
  • Don’t let pets stay out in the sun for prolonged periods. Make sure there are shaded areas where they can shelter from the sun, cool them down with cool water from a spray gun if needed or offer them a paddling pool to lie in.
  • Walk dogs early in the morning or late at night, avoiding the hottest part of the day.
  • Certain breeds require extra care. Particular caution is needed with short-nosed (brachycephalic) dogs such as Bulldogs or Pugs. Their nasal passages are smaller and narrower so it is more difficult for them to pant and therefore for them to circulate the sufficient air they need for effective cooling.
  • Very active dogs, overweight dogs or dogs with thick dense fur are also at a higher risk.
  • White Cross Vets have even treated dogs that have burnt their paws on hot road surfaces so be aware of how hot these can become.  If it’s uncomfortable for you to touch, it’s too hot for your dog to walk on.
  • Pets with fair skin or very thin coats can often suffer from sunburn in the same way humans do, but specially formulated sun creams are available to prevent this.


For further information about how to protect your pets in hot weather contact White Cross Vets or visit



Bromleys Solicitors LLP, Ashton-under-Lyne Pictured Daniela Maggioni and Anthony Theakston

Bromleys has made two key appointments to its childcare team. Anthony Theakston and Daniela Maggioni have joined as associate solicitors from AFG Law in Bolton.

The duo are specialists in representing children and parents in care proceedings and are accredited by the Law Society as experts in children law.

Partner Olivia Bell, head of Bromleys’ childcare team, said: “Having worked on opposing sides to Anthony and Daniela for many years, I have been impressed with their professionalism and abilities as advocates and solicitors, and I’m delighted they are joining our team at Bromleys.

“Their arrival marks further expansion for the team as we focus on recruiting experienced solicitors who are accredited and recognised for their expertise in representing children in often complex proceedings.”

Anthony said: “I am excited and proud in equal measure to join Bromleys. The firm has an excellent reputation for its standard of legal advice, matched by high standards of client care and service. I am looking forward to being part of a talented and committed department and firm.”

Daniela said: “I am delighted to join Bromleys. In my years of practice I have always been impressed with the approach adopted by the firm’s childcare solicitors.

“I feel privileged to be joining such a skilled and experienced team who value their clients and are wholly committed to achieving the best possible outcome for them.”

The Bromleys team advises on all aspects and stages of childcare proceedings, including interim care and supervision orders, wardship, parental responsibility orders and contact orders.


Shuhaney, a year 9 student at Hyde Community College has been diagnosed with Spastic Diplegia, a form of cerebral palsy, which means she has stiff, paralysed legs, so she cannot stand or walk, and needs help for many daily activities.

Recently, Shuhaney has been offered a new spinal operation to be carried out at Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust by consultant Neurosurgeon Miss Pettorini, to greatly relieve her leg spasticity, after which she will need intensive physiotherapy for many months to strengthen her muscles and improve her balance. The hope is that within a year she will be able to walk again.

Unfortunately, the operation, which is scheduled for this September, is not currently funded by the NHS. But hearing her plight, the Caudwell Children’s Charity has raised an appeal for Shuhaney to fully fund her operation and her prolonged rehabilitation.

For most young ladies, the thought of having their long luscious locks cut really short is enough to make them want to run a mile, but not Shuhaney, who said goodbye to her long hair while her fellow students, college staff and friends who had all sponsored her, cheered her on as she raised a huge £1000 in sponsorship on her final day of school to help raise funds to aid her treatment as well as helping others.

Shuhaney’s mum, Jaya, a full time carer for Shuhaney and her 7year old son Nimesh, who is also disabled, was also on hand to support her daughter’s brave challenge by helping with the cut, and commented that Shuhaney had told her that she had wanted to do something outstanding to celebrate her last day at the end of term and decided on having her long luxurious hair cut really short in order to highlight this debilitating condition. Shuhaney also told her ‘it would be great if the hair she’d had cut off could then be sent to a specialist wig maker for young patients who have lost their hair due to treatment.’

That’s where Natalie Hirst, an Ashton based freelance Hair & Beauty specialist who owns ‘Colour me Crazy’ came along to carefully cut Shuhaney’s long locks in such a way as to make Shuhaney’s 18” hair acceptable to ‘The Little Princess Trust’ a charity who provide real hair wigs free of charge to children and young people that have sadly lost their own hair due to cancer treatment and other illnesses.

Deputy Headteacher, Paul Thompson, commented that on the day, ‘as well as all the staff and visitors who’d generously agreed to sponsor Shuhaney, the college was also having a non-uniform day – each student had been asked to make a donation in return for not wearing their uniform.” He added that having raised £1000 he hopes that every penny of it will help Shuhaney reach her goal!

After the cut, the College’s Head Teacher, Andrea Radcliffe presented the college’s cheque to a very happy Shuhaney.

If anybody of our generous readers would like to add their support to this brave young lady, to help Shuhaney walk, please donate online at:

As part of their mission to build strong links within the local community, residents and staff of Hyde Nursing Home look forward to welcoming visitors, friends and neighbours to their ‘Car Boot & Summer Fayre’ on Saturday 28th July 2018.

                                                                                            According to the Cambridge Dictionary the word ‘Fayre’ is an old fashioned spelling of fair; used to describe a traditional public event where goods are bought and sold and where there is entertainment; – and that is exactly what will be on offer at the nursing home on the day!

There’ll be something for all of the family to enjoy with, Home Baking, a raffle, Refreshments, Bottle Stall, Barbeque, Tombola, Hook a Duck, Bouncy Castle and plenty more.

Everyone is welcome to join in the fun – don’t miss out!
​                                                                                                                                                                         The event promises to be a really great family fun affair, with staff, residents and people getting involved to generally have a good time!

Booking is still open for stall holders at the Car Boot at £5.00 per space, but hurry as there’s limited space available.

For more information, please call: 0161 367 9467 or email:

Hyde Nursing Home can be found on: Grange Road South, Hyde, Tameside, Greater Manchester, SK14 5NB.

So, mark the date in your diary – Saturday 28th July 2018 from 12 noon till 4pm

Pictured Shuhaney and her mum, Dr Vik Tanna PHF and Hyde Rotary Past President, Alan Oldham

As many Hyde Residents know,’The Rotary Club of Hyde’ raise hundreds of pounds throughout the year, to donate much needed funding to many worthy causes, charities and individuals within the community.

Two of their most popular, successful and high profile fund raising events occur when they take their Christmas sleigh out to visit the four corners of the town or set up their stand at the annual Gee Cross Fete.

The money they raise, not only helps a wide range of charities; as the following story illustrates; they also give hope to individuals in need too. A typical case was when they recently supported a young lady who required urgent medical treatment.

Rotarian Dr Vik Tanna PHF took up the story. “Shuhaney is a bright and bubbly young girl who lives in Dukinfield and studies at Hyde Community College.

Unfortunately she has been diagnosed with Spastic Diplegia, which means she has stiff, paralysed legs, so she cannot stand or walk, and needs help for many daily activities.

Recently, she has been offered a new spinal operation by surgeons at Pendlebury Hospital to relieve her leg spasticity after which, she will need Intensive physiotherapy for many months to strengthen her muscles and improve her balance. The hope is that she will be able to walk again within a year.

Unfortunately, the operation is not currently funded by the NHS. But hearing her plight, the Caudwell Children’s Charity has raised an Appeal for Shuhaney to fully fund her operation and her prolonged rehabilitation.”

The Rotary Club of Hyde considered Shuhaney’s case, and decided that they too would support her, and presented her with a cheque of £1,000.00 at a special meeting in late June.

If you would like to help this young lady, you too can support her appeal online by clicking her ‘Just Giving Page’ called ‘Help Shuhaney Walk.. 

You can also read her full story on her ‘Just Giving Page’ too. Click on: ‘Help Shuhaney Walk’. 

NB. On behalf of all at Local Community Matters, we wish Shuhaney well and hope her operation leads to a successful recovery.



It is no surprise, given today’s housing market that many young people are so stuck in their financial situations that they turn to their family to help them get on the property ladder.

These days, with all the pressures of modern living, parents and grandparents are increasingly being called on to step in to help younger family members buy their first home. In 2017 it was predicted that parents would be involved in 25% of all UK property transactions with average lending rising from £17,000 in 2016 to £21,600 in 2017 and this figure expected to rise again for 2018.

As we’ve seen from research, the bank of Mum and Dad is very generous, but what happens if things go wrong? What if your child and their spouse divorce or they are declared bankrupt? What if there is a family feud?

Prevention is better than cure and simple solutions are available to deal with these problems such as a declaration of trust. We can advise you on all aspects of lending money to help children get on the property ladder.

Article of interest – Here’s a link to an article in a recent published in the Daily Mail highlighting why you shouldn’t transfer property to children without taking very detailed advice.

If you are about to enter into a similar arrangement, then speaking to Bromleys can help

Contact Laura Stansfield, Sue Darlington or Susanne Furness in their Wills, Probate & Planning for the Future department to discuss how one of our team of experts can help guide you through this process.


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