A group of youngsters from the Broadoak Explorer Scouts had a thrilling experience when they had a measly 60 minutes to escape a locked room, using only the power of their brains.

The Emergency Exit Escape Rooms is a new venture set up in Ashton, where you are locked in a room and have to find and decipher clues to find your way out.

Doug Pepper the Explorer Scout Leader said, “This experience was truly one to remember, with my first thoughts being one of dread and trepidation; the idea of being locked in a room for an hour with a bunch of Explorer Scouts was terrifying. However, fears subsided once the Explorer Scouts started to explore the room and grew in confidence, and despite the unfamiliar surroundings they finally managed to work as a team to find their way out.”

“The escape games proved to be the perfect way to truly test their brains and teach them the importance of working collectively as a team. It is also a great test of inquisition and focus; it improves communication, and makes use of logic and problem-solving, whilst also giving us all a great laugh at the screams of panic fact every time a countdown sound went off.”

As a group, the Explorer scouts meet up every week at the Broadoak Explorer Unit HQ in Ashton and they are used to working together, but this experience has brought the unit and Leaders closer than before.

Normally they would tend to argue a lot more about what they want to do, but the threat of being locked in a room helped them all to listen to one another and focus on working towards the same goal.

It must be said that the Explorer group did need quite a bit of help to work out some clues, but in the end, they did eventually find the escape route.

All the Explorer Scouts enjoyed the evening and said, ‘It was a new and very interesting activity that none of them had done before and it did really make them all work together.’ (Otherwise, one assumes they’d still be in the Escape Room now!)

Doug Pepper added, “Although I began the night rather sceptical, due in no small way, down to my claustrophobia; once we began working together it was so much fun we really got gripped into the story trying to escape the room.”

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If you would like to follow the Explorer Scouts experience and test your wits and logic, then book a party into the Emergency Exit Escape Rooms  – They’re on: 12A George Street, Ashton under Lyne, Greater Manchester OL66AQ 

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