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Last Thursday saw the Stalybridge Celtic Foundation work in partnership with the National Citizens Service via The Challenge Manchester, to deliver an ‘Open Day’ for Celtic Juniors players from U7’s to U11’s.

Prior to the event, we hosted two sessions at Bower Fold, to meet 10-12 Young People who are part of the government backed NCS programme, working with The Challenge. These meetings were to find out about each other’s organisations and plan the logistics’ for the day


The third visit was to deliver the Open Day, free of charge, to up to sixty Celtic Junior players. Those who attended took part in a ‘Skills Challenge’ which included a Penalty Shoot Out, Dribbling, 1 v 1 matches, and shooting amongst others, followed by a football tournament.

Each participant received a Certificate and a FREE £5 Fresh Air Football match ticket, for a 2018/19 Evo-Stick League Home fixture at Bower Fold.

Our thanks go to the NCS volunteers who did a fantastic job in arranging the day, also to Garry, Mike and Sarah from the juniors for helping out and also Pete Dennerley, who facilitated the initial meeting with the NCS, a good job all round folks!

For more photographs from the day, visit our Facebook page at Stalybridge Celtic Foundation.



new strain of the drug Spice is turning Manchester's homeless people into 'the walking dead'.nnA man and women down the side the Debenhams ManchesternnVincent Cole 05 March 2017
Following a recent article published in the MEN on homelessness and a stronger strain of Spice currently on the streets of Greater Manchester, Deputy Mayor, Beverley Hughes, said: “The Greater Manchester Drug Alert Panel, made up of a number of key partners including Greater Manchester Police, Manchester City Council, Manchester Metropolitan University, the NHS, and drug treatment services, regularly monitors the types of Spice in circulation and advises the police and other services how best to respond. Recent testing by the Panel has revealed a more dangerous batch of Spice now on the streets in Greater Manchester

“The Panel has alerted professionals working with drug users and support workers about the results of this testing. Local organisations and business have also been advised and we have also shared general advice with members of the public about what to do if they come across someone they suspect has taken the drug.

“This weekend, GMP has put extra provisions in place to reassure the public out and about in the city centre, gather information from health and support services and local businesses, and offer support to those who might become affected by Spice.

“Tackling the use of Spice is very complex and there is no easy or single solution. However, the work of the Panel enables the police, the City Council and partner organisations to respond quickly and we are doing all we can to combat the problem and get the drug off our streets.”

Last week, standing in his fine art gallery situated within Glossop’s Indoor Market Hall, renowned artist, John Kimpton and I spent a good hour or so, discussing today’s art world.

John’s journey is from a pure fine art background, whilst mine was a journey through commercial art, advertising and design; so we have approached the creative industry from totally opposite directions, yet as we talked, we soon discovered that we had in fact converged on a centre point, where basic draftsmanship employed in basic drawing, and design work, is to us both a cathartic and empowering practice.

We had so much to say about the subject, that John agreed to allow me to publish our musings to local readers.

John Kimpton is a very accomplished local artist, whose approach to his craft is straight-talking, passionate, hard-working and honest.

John was born in 1961 in Hulme, Manchester and was educated in Marple, Cheshire.

His artwork first gained public acclaim in 1979 when he was the prize winner in the National Exhibition Of Children’s Art, which itself attracted some 72,000 entries from all over Britain.

Since then he has gained recognition for his intricate pencil drawings as well as powerful, moody landscapes as well as a wide range of studies capturing

In 1984 his ‘Nuclear Nightmare’ series created a sensation when it was exhibited, and was also featured in a documentary for Granada Television. A five year project studying and portraying the domestic cat has captured the true essence of the animal, thus creating a wider appeal and interest in his work.

A couple of years ago, John turned his attention to capturing and portraying a multitude of human interactions and mannerisms on both the local streets and the market ground of Ashton-under-Lyne which has culminated in the publication of his book ‘Art of the Community’ which contains over 100 studies of Tameside people and offers the reader a real insight depicted in sketches, a collection of moments in the everyday lives of ordinary people going about their business on the streets.

Since then john has shown virtuosity in the development of these themes resulting in his surreal rendering of ‘The Carnival of Life’ which is a large mural, showing market characters, that were on show on the outside of the restored Ashton Market Hall. This artwork; typical of John’s distinctive style, created a much wider appreciation of John’s work.

He also won the Tootal Prize for his intricate drawings at the Manchester Academy of Fine Art and his paintings were chosen to represent Britain from thousands of entries from all over the United Kingdom, in ‘The Art of the Feline’, held in Belgium.

His artworks have been featured on the BBC and displayed at the Royal Academy in London a documentary was to follow on his ‘Nuclear Nightmare’ series.

John explained that this long road to becoming the acclaimed artist that he no doubt is has been helped as much through his mistakes as through his successes.

It’s a given that every artist follows their own set of guidelines and procedure to do their work. It’s only by developing that unique style of working that brings out the creativity in their work. So I asked him what influenced his distinctive style.

He recognises the fact that he owes much of his idiosyncrasies, artistic ability and knowledge of the craft to personal study. “I read a lot”, he said, “I think by researching and studying the works of the old masters and analysing the result;, considering their limited materials and basic equipment, and applying what they teach using today’s vast array of modern mediums, can be one of the greatest tools at an artist’s disposal, after all; if I may borrow a phrase first attributed to Bernard of Chartres in the 12th century, what better way to excel than by learning from those giants that have gone before us?”

I asked John about his Gallery and why he chose Glossop Market?

John says that having a gallery in the centre of this iconic northern market hall has made a real difference; the informality in close proximity to other traders in a relaxed and friendly environment has been a real plus. “I chose to open up here to get closer to the community. It’s an inescapable fact that the vast majority of people don’t tend go out to galleries. So rather than them going to the art, I am, in my own way, bringing the art to them.” Many of visitors to view and buy John’s work agree that the space is creative; it’s sociable and hugely enjoyable.

Here, within Glossop’s Market Hall and outdoor stalls too, visitors and shoppers to the town can enjoy a whole panoply of traditional vendors, this presents a great sense of neighbourhood and community. And as many of John’s regular patrons and collectors have discovered, Glossop can offer both locals and visitors to the Derbyshire town, culture on its own doorstep.

Adorning the walls of this exciting, atmospheric, uniquely placed fine art gallery; carefully situated in this truly urban setting next to the market’s café, are many fine pieces depicting John’s works of art on themes as varied as ‘Walking the Dog’ the afore mentioned ‘Art of the Community’, drawings and sketches of local daily life, ‘Art of the Cat’ and powerful moody landscapes, inspired by the beauty of the Derbyshire hills, are just some of the subjects that have inspired the art of John Kimpton.

The Arts have the power to move us, to provoke debate, to educate, and challenge accepted wisdom. And whilst studying the many local landscapes displayed in the gallery, John explained that ‘atmosphere is something that becomes easier to understand if you sketch outdoors, in front of your subject. “There is nothing like getting out in the countryside to give authenticity to your landscape paintings!” and it certainly shows in much of his quality pastel work.

However, John doesn’t limit himself to these subjects alone. Explaining his reasoning, he said, “As you must know working for many years as a commercial artist, there is so much to learn and new avenues to explore in the outside world, therefore I try not to limit myself artistically. I like to explore new techniques and treatments, as I believe it’s important to try out new things. Without continual stimulation and growth, the artistic mind becomes stagnant.”

Finally, I asked John what advice would you give to any aspiring artist that my read this article?

“That’s easy,” he quipped. “Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to succeed. – Sure, it’s good to be hard on yourself, but not to a point where it paralyses you artistically!”

You can visit and speak with John about his work at:

THE DANCING CAT GALLERY on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, where he’s open from 9.00am till 5.00pm.

All are very welcome

Launch of a new LGBT adviser and panel in Sackville Gardens that Andy Burnham Mayor of Manchester is setting up for Greater Manchester. Pictured Andy the new adviser Carl Austin-Behan and Cllr Brenda Warrington
Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham has set up a panel of experts to tackle the inequalities lesbian, gay, bi and trans people face, and ensure they feel included, valued and safe.

The panel will reflect the diversity of the LGBT community from across Greater Manchester and will be headed by a new LGBT Adviser. Former Lord Mayor of Manchester and prominent LGBT activist Carl Austin-Behan has been appointed as the Adviser.

Launch of a new LGBT adviser and panel in Sackville Gardens that Andy Burnham Mayor of Manchester is setting up for Greater Manchester.
Pictured new adviser Carl Austin-Behan

It’s the first time something like this has been done in Greater Manchester – and thought to be the first panel of its type in the UK. They will collaborate with partner agencies, LGBT organisations and individuals across the city-region to deliver the Greater Manchester LGBT Action Plan, developed by LGBT Foundation and launched by Andy launched last year.

Other panel members include: Colette McHugh, deputy chief executive of leading housing and social purpose organisation ForViva; Paul Martin, chief executive of LGBT Foundation, one of the UK’s leading LGBT charities; Trans civil rights campaigner Christine Burns MBE; Juergen Maier, chief executive of Siemens UK; Director of Pride Sports and Football v Homophobia Lou Englefield; Wigan and Leigh Green Party chair Will Patterson; and a range of other LGBT activists and figures from across Greater Manchester.

Andy Burnham said: “Greater Manchester is known throughout the UK and around the world as a beacon for LGBT people. Let’s not forget that the UK’s LGBT rights movement began in Manchester, and LGBT people make a huge contribution to the success of our city-region.

“This is something we should celebrate and cherish, which is why having a new LGBT Adviser and panel is so important. LGBT rights were hard-fought and won, but it is still the case that LGBT people face inequality. We must continue to break down those barriers and build a Greater Manchester that is for all.

“There is such great work going on here already, from the numerous Pride events that take place across the Greater Manchester, to the remarkable Village Angels and Haven programme which helps ensure people have a great night out in our thriving and world-famous Gay Village.

“Last year I signed up to the LGBT Action Plan for Greater Manchester, which commits public bodies, private organisations, voluntary groups and LGBT citizens to work together to improve LGBT lives and this demonstrates my commitment to this shared goal.”

Carl Austin-Behan added: “There are at least 215,000 lesbian, gay, bi and trans people in Greater Manchester – that’s bigger than the population of Rochdale so it is important that they are represented and their voices are heard.

“By setting up this panel, the Mayor is demonstrating a clear and unambiguous commitment to improving the lives of LGBT people and reducing inequality across the city-region. The panel and I are looking forward to getting to work.”

Greater Manchester Equalities Lead, and Tameside Council Leader Councillor Brenda Warrington said: “Working with the LGBT community in Greater Manchester is an integral part of the equalities portfolio that Mayor Andy Burnham has asked me to undertake.

“There is a tremendous energy and pride within the LGBT community across the whole of Greater Manchester which the current season of Pride events demonstrates brilliantly.

“I look forward to working with the LGBT Adviser and Panel and fully intend to help tackle the inequalities that still exist for a significant number of Greater Manchester people.”

Carl and the panel will support the Mayor through: engaging the LGBT community in delivering the ambitions of the Greater Manchester Strategy; ensuring that the city-region has strong and diverse leadership; monitoring the sexual orientation and the trans status of service users and staff; ensuring all providers of public services commit to using evidence into the needs and experiences of all LGBT people when designing, commissioning and reviewing services; and improving LGBT awareness.

In particular, this will include the commitments made by the Mayor to back the LGBT community by:

·         Supporting and attending events such as Pride and Sparkle, and encouraging Pride events in all borough and towns across Greater Manchester;

·         Working with the NHS to tackle health inequalities and improve awareness of LGBT issues;

·         Tackling domestic abuse in the LGBT community and the barriers that exist around reporting;

·         Supporting councils to create LGBT-friendly retirement homes and combat loneliness;

·         Committing to continue funding for Village Angels – a project helping to keep people safe in the Village.

The panel members are:

Paul Martin OBE – CEO, LGBT Foundation

Christine Burns MBE – Trans Civil Rights Campaigner

Juergen Maier – CEO, Siemens UK

Colette McKune MBE – Deputy Group Chief Executive ForViva

Helen Darby – Research Impact and Public Engagement Manager, MMU

Will Patterson – Chair of Wigan & Leigh Green Party and Green Party Mayoral Candidate

Chloe Cousins – Youth Engagement Officer, Proud Trust

Jane Owen MBE – Former trustee of Sparkle, works for Network Rail

Raf Young – Queer Disabled Activist

Pierrette Squires – Chair Bolton LGBT Partnership

Lou Englefield – Director of Pride Sports and Football v Homophobia

Jax Effiong – GMFRS Community Safety Manager and LGBT role model

Tara Kelly – Former Chair of HouseProud NW, works for Equity Housing

Mark Fletcher – Chief Executive, Manchester Pride


If you love beer, beer and more beer, then the Tameside Beer Festival will be right up your street!

With over 36 Real Ales to choose from, there’s plenty of choice and at only £3.00 per pint, the chance to try something new will not break the bank, – whatever your favourite tipple!

The popular festival will be taking place at: The Civic Hall, Stalybridge

Organised by Tameside Rotary, the club has brought together a selection of expert producers as well as a number of modern, micro-breweries who will be serving a wide selection of not only beer, but other alcoholic beverages, and providing live musical performances and delicious homemade food.

Visitors will be able to try out a range of award-winning beers, refreshing ciders and wines from Carham Wine, alongside local food from Carr’s the Bakers, Curries from the Delights of India and live music.

This year’s festival will take place on Friday 7th & Saturday 8th September 2018 from 12.00noon till 11.00pm

Admission by programme or by paying £3.00 on the door with all profits distributed to a range of charities.


There’s no doubt that the popularity of Artisan Markets is growing and Glossop’s monthly Artisan & Crafters Market is definitely one of the regions favourites. Opening this Saturday 11th August why not get your weekend off to a fantastic start by visiting Glossop’s Artisan Market?

A hub for creative’s, artists and taste-makers; Glossop Market Officers, Artisan Market initiative has not only boosted both the outdoor & indoor market footfall, but has gone a long way in promoting and supporting many local crafters through their events.

Colin Deeley, Glossop Markets Superintendent give his view on Glossop Market’s Artisan events increase in popularity, “People who visit our monthly events appear to be more interested in finding those unique, one of a kind, handmade, custom made products, than by mass produced items that are readily available in many traditional shops.”

“Artisans here specialise in everything from handmade Jewellery to Chutneys’ & Jams’ from wooden carved items to Scented candles and melts and a whole host of individually crafted items in between.”

As well as providing a great monthly selling platform for a wide selection of craftsmen and women, Glossop’s traditional indoor market combines, with the creatives’ to attract hundreds s of visitors from across the region and as they look to pick up everyday bargains and bag themselves something unique.

The Artisan Markets are recognised locally as a welcome addition to the picturesque Derbyshire Town. But far from simply being a nice place to visit, they play a much more important role in the local creative community – helping to cultivate home grown talent and offering many entrepreneurial people their first step into the world of business.

And after you’ve finished filling your bags with bargains, amidst a backdrop of musical entertainment take a stroll around the many traditional stalls situated within the well loved Market Hall. There you’ll find bargains galore from Fresh Fruit and Veg’, to Fine Art Paintings; – from Modern Furnishings and Quality Meat products to traditional Sweets and Confectionery, where you can go back in time and pick-up those lines that you used to find on the ‘penny-tray’!

After all that shopping, why not try dropping into one of the town’s many pubs, bars, cafés and tea rooms for a glass of wine, fine cask beers, coffee and cakes, afternoon tea, or a full blown delicious meal from one of the town’s numerous restaurants many who specialize in a diverse variety of authentic dishes!

So bring friends and family and come and join the many visitors between 10 and 2 for a wonderful day out

If you can’t make it to one of Glossop’s Artisan Market event on Saturday 11th August – there’s a thrice-weekly market in the Market Hall next to the Town Hall every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9am until 5pm.

For further information regarding the hidden gem which is Glossop Market, please contact:      Colin Deeley on: 07794 768495 or email:

Or visit their Facebook page:



Solicitors for the Elderly (SFE) is running a national campaign to raise awareness about planning for later life.

In a study it found that 96% of people in the North West had made no provision for themselves in the event that they should lose mental capacity. The study also found that a further 40% had made no provision whatsoever for later life , having no will, pension, funeral plan or Lasting Power of Attorney.

Somewhat shockingly, 67% of people in the North West are of the belief that their next of kin can make decision on their behalf over healthcare treatment if they were not able to make those decisions for themselves and 66% believe that their spouse would have the power to do so which is incorrect.

In the North West 73% of people would wish for a family member to make decisions about their medical and care treatment if they were to lose mental capacity, but this does not happen automatically. The only way to guarantee that the people you want making those decisions can do so is to have a registered Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney in place.

At present there are 12.8 million people over the age of 65 who run the risk of developing dementia and only 928,000 registered Health and Welfare Lasting Powers of Attorney, this is a difference of nearly 93% showing the shocking number of people ill-prepared for what may come.

In the North West only 4% of the people surveyed by SFE have a Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney in place which is below the 7% national average.

It is crucial that people plan ahead for their future, ensuring that they have Lasting Powers of Attorney in place to allow the important decisions to be made by the people they trust.

How we can help

Contact Laura Stansfield, Sue Darlington or Susanne Furness in our Wills, Probate & Planning for the Future department to discuss how one of our team of experts can help guide you through this process.


Tel: 0161 330 6821

Alternatively, you are welcome to attend any of our free legal surgeries. Please click here for dates and times – No appointment necessary.


Hyde based optician and audiology centre, Specsavers, recently celebrated their 2nd year operating from their newly expanded premises on Market Place.

By way of celebrating with their many customers, friends and visitors, Specsavers staff worked with other local businesses to provide birthday themed food for the event, arranged special anniversary discounts, free gifts and organised fun and entertainment with the help of a ‘ten foot lady’ accompanied by the Hyde United mascot Roary.

But the Specsavers ‘fun for all the family’ birthday event also had a serious side, with the aim of highlighting the need to raise funds for charities.

“To see the amount of support we got from people both inside and outside the store all coming together and donating was amazing” said, Diane Wood, Director of Specsavers Hyde.

A fun day was had by all – underpinned with the serious message. On the day they raised £151.03 which will be donated to Willow Wood Hospice.

Get yourselves down to the home of Haughton Green Junior Football Club on Sunday 5th August for a fun-packed afternoon of family entertainment.

The ground will open at midday and it’s FREE ENTRY to everybody!

The fun day will featured a range of stalls where people can get their hands on some great prizes on the Tombola as well as other fun family attractions like:

  • Bouncy Castle
  • Fun Games
  • Penalty Shoot Out Competition
  • Target Shot
  • Soak the Coach
  • Table Top Sale
  • Coconut Smash
  • Shoot the Hoop


As well as Ice Cream, Burgers & Hotdogs and a range of Hot & Clod Drinks

So gather the family together and go along to support the Young Footballers at their fun-packed event where there’s something that everyone can enjoy!

You can find the ground on:

Kendal Avenue, off Mancunian Road, Haughton Green, M34 7GZ

If you would like to book a table at a cost of £10, please contact: Vicki on 07393 508 136

A LOCAL opticians in Hyde is advising athletes on how to correctly care for their eyes while playing sports.

Research shows that 15.5 million people in the UK now play sport at least once a week. Those who play sports regularly could notice quite a difference wearing contact lenses rather than glasses.

They’re great for fast-paced sports that require a person to be at their most agile because they improve vision stability and give a wider field of vision.

With up to three million people opting for contact lenses in the UK, it’s evident they have clear advantages for sport enthusiasts. However, it’s important that athletes ensure their contact lenses match their current prescription and are properly fitted by an experienced eye health professional.

The Specsavers team in Hyde is raising awareness of the importance of selecting the right contact lenses when playing sports.
When participating in outdoor sports activities, it’s also important to consider UV protection during the summer months to protect eyes from sun damage. The optician will be able to advise on which contact lens brands offer UV protection.

Technological advances mean that contact lenses are now more comfortable and simpler to care for than ever before. Additionally, advances in design means that even those with strong or complex prescriptions can now enjoy the benefits.

Nina La Rosa, store director at Specsavers Hyde says: ‘Contact lenses enable athletes to take part in sporting activities where glasses might be unsuitable. The lenses mould to the shape of your eye, while moving with it to provide a wider field of view and improved vision stability.

‘Your choice of contact lens should take into account your lifestyle and the sports you enjoy. Soft lenses are likely to be the most suitable as they’re safer for contact sport as they can handle rapid eye movements and are unlikely to be dislodged, which is crucial during sports such as football and rugby.

‘Here at Specsavers in Hyde we offer a free, no obligation consultation for contact lenses where the optician will examine your eye surface and eyelids, the quality of your tears and the curvature and diameter of the cornea at the front of your eye, together with the size of your pupils and position of your eyelids. We’ll then help you select the ideal lenses based on your individual needs.’

For further information or to book an eye test at your nearest Specsavers store, please visit