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Over 75 Cub Scouts from Droyslden and Ashton took part in CubFest 2019 at the Droylsden Junior Football Club, Lewis Road.

Cub Scouts came from all 8 Cub Packs in North Tameside District. Activities included a Climbing Wall, Hoopla, TYZ Football, Bouncy Castle, Archery, Face Painting and Tug of War.

There was also a wildlife talk given by Tabatha from “From the Wild”. She showed the Cubs Giant African Snails, Hissing Cockroaches (these grow to about 2” long), 2 types of Scorpions, a Red Kneed Tarantula, a 12-foot-long Yellow Burmese Python and a Barn Owl.

The feedback included comments like: –

‘Had a ball, looking forward to Cubfest 2020, I’ll defo be better at face painting by then, kids had a ball, loads mixing with different packs, and making new friends, the atmosphere was great. X!’

‘It was a great day, I can’t wait for next year’ ‘Great location as well with it all being enclosed, they were just able roam free’ ‘It was great to see the cubs mix with other packs and many made new friends, which is always good.’ ‘There was one Cub on their own and 2 Cubs went up to him and ask if he wanted to play with them.’ Daniel.

‘Oh yes, Gill it was a fantastic day and a pleasure to be part of cheers, Phil’

‘Not a problem, happy to help where I can. No idea where you got the idea from, but the Cubs all seemed to think it was a great day. It was a fantastic idea; I think we need to have Scoutfest and Beaverfest next!!! Mark’

Final words from Gill Cummins, ADC Cubs, ‘A huge thank you to all who helped to make CubFest a great success today. What a fantastic team we have in North Tameside! Same time next year anyone?’

A local garage is driving up donations for St Ann’s Hospice with its latest fundraising initiative.

BI Appleton in Heald Green is donating £5 from every MOT it carries out in July and August to the charity.

Phil Evans, General Manager, explained: “We have decided to donate to St Ann’s because we can see what a great charity they are. The work they do for the local community and nearby communities is breathtaking. The team works every second of every day to help the lives of so many people that need to be loved and cared for. One day, a loved one may need to go to a hospice, so if we can help out St Ann’s with our special MOT offer, then we will sleep easy knowing we are donating to a wonderful charity.”

In 1939, Basil Appleton opened a repair garage and petrol station, and the business has continued to grow over the decades, still providing repairs and other services for local people from its Styal Road base.

Phil added: “Old businesses are dying off but we are growing just like St Ann’s Hospice. We are only a few minutes away from their Heald Green hospice, and have been maintaining their vehicles for many years now so have built a solid relationship.”

St Ann’s Hospice cares for people from across Greater Manchester from its three sites in Heald Green, Little Hulton and at The Neil Cliffe Centre in Wythenshawe Hospital, as well as via a range of community and outreach services. St Ann’s is a charity, and receives around a third of its funding from the NHS with the rest – around £20,000 a day – fundraised thanks to the kind support of its donors.

Hospice Chief Executive Eamonn O’Neal, said: “Our local community is so important to the hospice, and we’re incredibly appreciative of all the support BI Appleton give us. We rely on donations from businesses like theirs, as well as individuals, to ensure we can continue providing the specialist care our patients need. Huge thanks to the team there for thinking of the hospice and supporting our patients in this way.”

3rd Ashton Scout Group spent a couple of evenings recently on the water at Stamford Boating Lake.

The activity included the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. While Beavers and Cubs used the peddle boats, the Scouts made a raft, which despite its ‘Heath Robinson’ style of construction, it stayed afloat on the water, only one cub fell overboard during the two-evening adventures but, she quickly climbed back on board to finish the trip over the Boating Lake.

The feedback from parents said how the children enjoyed themselves, even the leaders had a brill time.

Darren, the Cub Leader, said it was a challenge to all who took part, but they succeeded, and all got out on the water during the evening.

Tina, the Group Scout Leader, thanked Karen, Graeme, Richard and Shell from Ridge Hill Enterprise Ltd for looking after them all, it is well worth a visit.

Friday 20 September sees the return of probably the biggest and best loved sponsored walk ever held in Tameside – the Willow Wood Midnight Wander.

As any of the thousands of local people who’ve taken part will testify, the atmosphere has always been amazing; it’s as much a great night out as it is a fundraiser for the Hospice. Whether you’re walking as a family or with friends you’ll join the cheers as the countdown reaches midnight and the walk begins.

It’s 10k, or around 6 miles but the other walkers will keep your spirits up all the way around the route which starts and finishes at Astley Sports Village. There are no age restrictions this year so if your children want to walk with you, they’ll be very welcome. And of course, men and boys can join in too.

There’ll be a real party atmosphere at the Sports Village with music, refreshments, face painters and merchandise. As always, there’ll be a mass warm up before the walk to ensure everyone is raring to go. And when walkers return to the centre they’ll be presented with a specially designed medal and a very welcome hot breakfast bap.

T shirts are also included in the registration fee; pink of course. And we’re expecting to see plenty of pink accessories as well – feather boas, tutus and Stetsons are always popular additions to the Wanderers outfits!

If you’d like to be involved in this fantastic fundraiser but don’t feel you could take part in the walk itself, Willow Wood do need volunteers for the event, particularly marshals along the route. Chris Hayden, event organiser said: “Our volunteer marshals are essential to the success of the Midnight Wander. Positioned at strategic points, they can direct the walkers, stop traffic to allow them to cross the road, and be our eyes and ears along the route.”

“If you’d like more information about volunteering on the day please contact me on: or 0161 330 7788. And if you’d like to register for the Midnight Wander just go to and register online – it’s quick, it’s easy and it’s totally secure.”

Photo: The very first Midnight Wander begins.

In recent years, there have been conflicting authorities as to whether it is possible to sever parts of restrictive covenants which are unreasonable, if the balance of the covenant is reasonable.

The starting position is that unreasonable restrictive covenants are void and unenforceable. The grey area was what happened if only part of a covenant is unreasonable. Can the unreasonable element be severed and the balance of the covenant enforced?

The recent case of Egon Zehnder Ltd vs Tillman the clarified the position. The Supreme Court has restored the old test that was originally set the Court of Appeal in 2007. The position now is that the unreasonable part of a covenant may be severed if:

The unreasonable provision can be removed without the need to add or to modify the wording of what remains;

The remaining terms continue to be supported by adequate consideration (which will normally apply in run-of-the-mill cases); and
The removal of the unreasonable provision does not change the character of the contract so that it becomes the sort of contract that the parties had not intended to enter into at all.

In this case the company, a head-hunter, employed Ms Tillman. Her employment contract said:
“you shall not without the prior written consent of the company directly or indirectly, either alone or jointly with or on behalf of any third party and whether as principal manager, employee, contractor, consultant, agent or otherwise howsoever… directly or indirectly engage or be concerned or interested in any business carried on in competition with any of the businesses of the Company…which were carried on at the Termination Date or during the period of 12 months prior to that date and with which you were materially concerned during such period.”
Ms Tillman’s employment finished in January 2017. She commenced employment with a competitor in May 2017. She argued that the non-competition covenant went further than was reasonably necessary to protect her former employer’s interests. She argued that it prohibited her being “interested” in a competing business unreasonably stopped her from holding even a minority shareholding in a competing business.

The Court of Appeal held that the restriction was in unreasonable restraint of trade, refused to severe the words “or interested” from the remainder of the clause, and therefore the whole clause was unenforceable.

The Supreme Court held that this was the wrong approach. Adopting the test above, the words “or interested” could be severed without the need to add or modify the wording of the remainder. The balance of the clause was therefore enforceable because the removal of those two words generated no major change in the overall effect of the restraint.

If you have any queries regarding restrictive covenants, their enforceability, or the drafting of the same, please do not hesitate to contact one of our experts, Mark Hirst or Rachael Frankland.

For advice relating to the above, or indeed any other corporate law matters, please contact our experts:

Rachael Frankland –

Mark Hirst –

By telephone on 0161 330 6821 or, you are welcome to attend any of our free legal surgeries – no appointment necessary.

The ancient custom of ‘Well Dressing’ is a village community event that is all but unique to villages in Derbyshire and The Peak District, and is still to this day celebrated by villagers’ in order to give thanks for their consent supply of drinking water.

Following in this tradition which was set down many years ago, the ‘Blessing of the Wells’ was first started in the Gee Cross Village in the 19th century as a way to give the mill workers a day out and to part with their money in the Grapes Hotel.

Today it’s more ceremonial as crowds of people visit the Well Dressing events which has become a great family event, celebrating the dressing of the wells, whilst following the brass bands that create the traditional festive atmosphere.

Last week, Hyde Rotary’s new President, Vicky Gaunt, visited The Hyde Chapel as preparations were in progress in for this year’s well dressing, where she presented the ladies of the WI with a cheque for £250.00. During her visit, Vicky saw first-hand the ladies painstakingly creating by hand the main display board, which depicts and celebrates 50 years since the first man, Neil Armstrong, and Buzz Aldrin stepped on the moon. They were both Americans, their spaceship “Apollo 11” was launched by NASA from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.

Vicky commented, that she was inspired by watching these this incredible art form being kept alive by this group of dedicated volunteers, and looked forward to seeing the finished design in all its glory this coming weekend.

Vicky was told that the preparations for the event started weeks ago by the WI, with local groups and schools also participating; not only in helping create the theme, but also playing their part in this colourful family event as it moves around the village; visiting each of the 3 wells, accompanied by a traditional brass band.

You can visit and take part in this age-old custom on Sunday 14th July in the Gee Cross Village, with the dedication at 2.00pm following parade.

The sporting calendar this year has once again been full-on with a wide range of sporting opportunities available to pupils from Primary Schools throughout Hyde.

Last week saw the final tournament of the Hyde School Sports competitions for the 2018/19 academic year.

The tournament was a Sports Festival, in a mini ‘athletics style’ format that had, running, jumping and throwing events.
Each participating school had a team of 8, (4 girls and 4 boys) and the aim was to score as low as possible (winning team got 1 point, 2nd 2 points and so on).

Some of the events on show were the standing long jump, javelin throw and many different sprint and relay races.

In a close fought competition, it was Flowery Field that managed to come out on top, scoring over 30 points less than their closest rivals.

This now concludes the tournaments for this year, a year that has seen over 800 children take part in competitive sports such as Ultimate Dodgeball, Football, Volleyball, Athletics, Handball, Basketball and many more.

Kay Hawke, who organises many of the Hyde Schools Sporting Events, said, “This year’s high participation rate reflects the enthusiasm our children have for their love of sport, with many of them taking advantage of our after-school clubs; the success they have had across the range of competitive sporting events and the way the children have embraced the opportunity to take part in new sports, was fantastic. Well done everyone!”

Parents and staff from all our schools have recognised what a great achievement it has been to get so many children, not just taking part in sport, but learning the life skills that team competitions allows them to do.

As ever all these events could not have been run without the staff and the Sports Leaders from Hyde Community College, who deserve a very big thank you from all our young sports people of the future.

The Jodrell Bank Observatory in Cheshire – site of the world-famous Lovell radio telescope – has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

The observatory, which is owned by Manchester University, joins international sites including Stonehenge, Machu Picchu and the Great Wall of China.

The award recognises the role that Jodrell Bank has played in transforming our understanding of the universe. The site has played a pioneering role in the development of radio astronomy, tracking spacecraft in the early space race, and carrying out research into quasars, pulsars and gravitational lenses.

It is most famous as the home one of the world’s largest steerable radio telescopes: the Lovell Telescope, which was named after its creator, the late Sir Bernard Lovell.

Today, Jodrell operates the UK’s national e-MERLIN radio telescope and hosts the global headquarters of the Square Kilometre Array, a radio telescope project that will build the world’s largest telescope, comprised of a network of instruments sited in South Africa and Australia.

Commenting on the latest award Teresa Anderson, director of Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre said: “This is wonderful news and a great day in the history of Jodrell Bank. It honours the pioneering work of Sir Bernard Lovell and the early scientists here, together with the world leading research that continues to this day.”

Professor Michael Garrett, director of the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics and Sir Bernard Lovell Chair of Astrophysics, said: “We’re very proud that the contribution of the Observatory and its staff, have been recognised at the very highest level. We continue to explore the Universe with e-MERLIN and our participation in the European VLBI Network, and we look forward to playing a major role in the scientific exploitation of the Square Kilometre Array.”

Stepping into the shoes of a nurse probably isn’t something that many local people have ever thought they’d do, but a brand-new charity challenge is asking supporters to sign up to do just that.

The Step Up for St Ann’s challenge, sees St Ann’s Hospice appealing for local people to pledge to walk or run a set distance through the month of September in aid of their patients, reflecting the distance their nurses walk each day whilst providing care.

Eamonn O’Neal, Chief Executive of St Ann’s, explained: “Our hospice nurses walk an average of two miles a day when caring for our patients, often more, so in our latest fundraiser we’re asking local people to walk or run 30 days in their shoes. It’s a concept we’re hoping supporters can fit around their lifestyle and it’s really easy to be part of. People simply choose a distance – or number of steps – they pledge to walk or run during the month of September, and can complete the distance whenever, and however, they like.

“We know people are busy, so wanted to make this challenge something that supporters could fit around their normal daily activity if they want to. For example, adding up the distance it takes to walk the school run each day, the number of steps it takes to get home from work, or even the distance to the local shop for groceries. It all adds up.

“Perhaps people could decide to walk or run as far as our nurses, so 60 miles over the month, or they could take on the distance equivalent to walking from our Heald Green site, to our Little Hulton site, to our Neil Cliffe Centre site, 40 miles. Doing that distance in a week would be approximately 6 miles a day, or if spread over a month would be just over a mile a day. It’s flexible and really is up to the supporter to decide what works for them.

“We’d be enormously grateful if as many people as possible went to our website to sign up. Whatever distance they choose, they can be sure that the sponsor money they raise will help us to make a real difference to the lives of local patients and their families.”

St Ann’s Hospice cares for patients from its three Greater Manchester sites in Heald Green, Little Hulton and the Neil Cliffe Centre in Wythenshawe Hospital. The teams there also run a range of community and outreach services to support even more people with life-limiting illnesses, right from the point of diagnosis, through treatment and beyond.

The hospice receives around a third of its funding from the NHS, with the rest – equating to around £20,000 a day – fundraised.

Eamonn added: “Our nurses do such an amazing job every single day of the year, and it’s only thanks to the kind generosity of local people who support our fundraising activities that they can continue to provide that much-needed care. Hopefully lots of you will get behind this latest challenge and walk in the footsteps of our nurses during September. I’ve signed up as it’s a great way to acknowledge all their hard work – and to get fit. It really will make a huge difference to our wonderful hospice.”

For more information, or to sign up to take part in the challenge, please visit or call the hospice fundraising team on 0161 498 3631.


This coming Sunday, (14th JULY 2019) Hyde United’s Walker Lane ground will host a fun-filled, family-fun Charity Football Match in support of CALM, the Campaign Against Living Miserably.

The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) is leading a movement against male suicide, the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK.

Organised by James Clayton, who lost his best friend to suicide 2 years, is, with friends and family, the aim is to raise funds and raise mindfulness among the communities, that 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health issue at some stage in their lives, and also to make men between the ages of 25 and 50 who maybe suffering deep depression in silence, aware that there is someone there to listen and help them.

Entry to the ground is: £1 for children & £2 for adults on the turnstiles, with all the money raised on the day going to help CALM keep their phone lines open.

Sponsored jointly by Onward Homes & MediaCo, the Charity Event will run from 12.00pm till 5.00pm with the actual Football Match featuring: Lee’s United vs Chappy Athletic kicking off at 2.00pm. with both teams going ‘hell for leather’ to pick up the Lee Randall Memorial Trophy.

Visitors on the day will also be treated to a whole host of other activities, including,

*The appearance of Tom Cassell AKA ‘Syndicate’
*SLBC FIFA Tournaments UK will also be there, come along show how good your skills are on FIFA.
* There’ll be lots of stalls with people selling their amazing products
*Evolution Smart – Brian Mcmanus will be showing off his smart car repairs business,
* Bulldog Valeting & Detailing
* There’ll be a fun ‘Beat the Goalie@ penalty shootout, competition.
* Face painting by Regan Brierley
* With a live band the Rubber Ducks playing from 3pm in the social club
* The bar & cafe will also be open for refreshments