As 3rd Ashton Scout Leaders needed to finish their camp permit training, they decided, with the Scouts to organise an overnight camp followed by a good days hike.

The group arrived at Boarfold Scout Campsite which is ideally located on a wooded hillside, on the edge of the Peak District National Park in Chisworth, early on Friday night and quickly set up camp for the night, while the leaders Tina Howarth, Group Scout Leader and Sarah Peevers, Scout Leader were checked by Alan Fish on their current camping skills, which followed an assessment of their skills over the previous weeks about camping equipment, food, cooking and safety.

It was very cold on the night but eventually they, with the Scouts got the fire lit and turned it into a roaring camp fire were they all got warmed-up by enthusiastically singing and acting campfire songs following having their tea.

Then they took to their sleeping bags for an early night as on the Saturday morning they had a lot of miles to cover on their all-day hike.

Following a great breakfast and breaking camp, packing everything up, the Scouts were ready for their trek.

Before setting off, Alan Fish congratulated Tina and Sarah for passing their camping assessment and presented them with their camp permits, then quickly made an excuse to go – ( because he doesn’t like hiking ten metres in front of his Land Rover!)

Eventually, the leaders and Scouts left the campsite with the Scouts doing the map reading, setting- off though Lower Hill then past Idle Hill to the top of Werneth Low. On the way down they had lunch in a shelter in Etherow Country Park, and then it was back to Chisworth Boarfold Campsite to be picked up.

Sarah Peevers said, “It was a great weekend and I can now take Scouts camping now I’ve attained my camping permit!”

Daniel one of the Scouts, said, “ It was a cold night, but we did get very warm at the campfire before we went to bed and we didn’t get lost on the hike!”

Alan Fish from Scouts, said, “All those at 3rd Ashton Scouts who took part, did very well.”

If you would like to help young people in Scouting; which is not all about camping and hiking; there are many other skills that are based indoors that Scouts need, that you may be able to help with.

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